Commentary on Psalm 37 vs 4: Secret of answered prayers

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Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart- Psalm 37 vs 4

The verse above holds the secret of answered prayers. If you delight yourself in the Lord, and the Lord delights in you, He will surely answer your prayers before asking. How can you delight your self in the Lord?

  1. Flee from sin– The Lord will take delight in you if you fear Him by obeying his commandments.
  2. Read His words- The Lord will take delight in you if you are always reading and meditating on his words as contained in the Holy Bible.psalm34
  3. Be a Soul winner-  You can greatly delight yourself in the Lord by being a passionate and consistent soul winner. Do the work of an evangelist. Soul winning brings joy to the presence of God.
  4. Pray always- Prayers is communicating with God, but the prayers of someone who wants God to delight in Him is not about murmuring, grumbling, or only about asking. If you pray more in the spirit, you would definitely be praying more according to the will of God.
  5. Praise God–  Sing to the Lord in hymns, songs, and worship
  6. Be an Abel- If you are frugal towards the things of God, you should not expend God to delight in you. Abel gave a fat offering, and the Lord has respect for his offering.
  7. Trust and Obey– Faith pleases God, and Obedience to divine instructions makes you a man after Gods heart.

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