Prayers against witchcraft attacks

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O foolish Galatianswho has bewitched you- Galatians 3 vs 1

By Babatope Babalobi


  1. What is bewitchment? It is being manipulated by witchcraft against the will of God.
  2. This statement therefore means that witchcraft is real.
  3. Another meaning of this statement is that a Christian can be bewitched.
  4. In the passage quoted above, the Galatians were bewitched as such they did not accept the truth of the Lordship of Jesus Christ.
  5. This passage is therefore saying, that when one becomes bewitched, the person acts foolishly.
  6. The bible is saying it is foolish to be bewitched, especially when you are neither aware of this or accept this, as it shows you don’t know your right and power as a Christian.
  7. In the Bible, the thoughts of the Galatians were bewitched.
  8. Your health, finances, marriage, certificates, academics, business, family etc can therefore also be bewitched.
  9. The questions the Holy Spirit is asking you today is why do you allow witchcraft powers to be manipulating your life as a child of God? Who is the witchcraft power that has bewitched you? What are you doing against the powers of witchcraft has bewitched your wife, husband, marriage, job, income, health, promotion, pregnancy, businesses?Image result for victory in christ
  10. The Holy Spirit wants you today to investigate every aspect of your life that you have facing contrary situations, every aspect of your life that you are facing bewitchment, and kill the powers that have bewitched you.
  11. As you surrender your life to Christ, as you live in holiness, as you fight against bewitchment with prayers, fasting, and the word of God, my prayer for you today is that every bewitchment against your life shall be destroyed, and the powers of witchcraft manipulating your life shall die in Jesus name; and you shall live your glorious destiny in Jesus name.



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