New year prayers: womb of this year, vomit my blessings!

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Shall I bring to birth and not cause to bring forth?” saith the Lord. “Shall I cause to bring forth, and shut the womb?” saith thy God.- Isaiah 66 vs 9

  1. This scripture is a prophetic message for this new (5)
  2. It would work for you, if you meditate on it, believe it, internalise, it and stand on it.
  3. The key works in this scripture are; ‘bring to birth’, bring forth’, and ‘shut the womb’.
  4. God is the creator of times and seasons, as such He is the person that brings to birth the new year.
  5. But all of us have entered the new year, and we are expecting the new year to bring forth blessings.
  6. The scripture is always telling us, that even after God brings forth the year, and its blessings, it is possible for the year to shut up his womb, it is possible for the womb of the year to refuse to release its blessings.
  7. The spirit of God is telling us again that, God will not allow the enemy to shut the womb of the new year. He shall cause it to open its womb and release your blessings.
  8. In summary, God that has brought to birth a new year, will bring forth your blessings, and cause every shut womb of your breakthroughs to give birth to your new year expectations in Jesus name
  9. The year shall vomit your blessings in Jesus name

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3 thoughts on “New year prayers: womb of this year, vomit my blessings!

    Inge Meat said:
    January 9, 2015 at 2:37 pm

    monday evening i have a dream there is a naked baby girl on my bed in i enter the room and suddenly woman appears than i tell her to pick up the baby and she pick up the baby then she pick up the baby when look down under the bed i see the baby cro i dont know how to call or explain the think we make out of cloth to carry our baby on the back when we work the i tel the woman to take that think out of my bed and she take it when i wake up i pray like this Lord i reject everthing enemy was put on my bed or on my marredge i send back i seel it with the blood of jesus i dont now that i pray right ,other dream wednesday we as a family stand outside our house mye and my second born see something in the house but this thing was like in the see we can not see clearly like seel in like in water spirit or i dont know but in its inter the door me and my dauther see in that thing is a a boy around 6 or 7years than we start to pray serouse aply blood of Jesus insde out the house and we send holy ghost fire in the house because tht thing was hiding in the house we didnot see where this why we pray like ever than suddly we see the boy at from of me and my 2nd born that we pray again so hard aply the blood of Jesus call holy ghost fire until the thing dies we dont kow is that the right way everthing was happing in the dream ,another one yesterday there was a getering of our new elected president there where lot of people i she myself in the short sleeping dress sitting along with ladies one of the lady has food and she try to to give me frier fish tradtional way to eat but GLORY TO gOD I DID NOT EAT THAT FISH WHEN WAKE UP I PRAY God abraham ,isak and jacob i cancel reverse every satanic food and drinks to the caterers of the nigth they shall not eat my flesh ,my childrens flesh ,my grand childrens flesh in name of JESUS THE SHALL NOT DRINK MY BLOOD MY CHILDRENS BLOOD MY GRANDCHILDRENS BLOOD IN THE NAME JESUS I PRAY PLEASE PRAY FOR US IN JESUS NAME DONT STOP PRAYING FOR ME AND MY FAMILY IN JESUS NAME AMEN


    Olutayo Oketoki said:
    January 15, 2015 at 4:42 am

    May God in His mercy continue to bless you and increase the source of His word in you. I am highly blessed.


    babalobi responded:
    April 11, 2017 at 3:37 pm

    Follow this link to join my WhatsApp prayer group:


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