New Year message: How to succeed in bussiness

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  1.  The Holy Spirit gave me a new insight into this scripture- Isaiah 30 vs 31 a couple of days ago.
  2. We all know what waiting on the Lord is, and this has been widely interpreted to mean fasting and prayer.
  3. But we dont seem to be aware of what waiting on the Lord could in line with Bible principles.
  4. The scripture says, after waiting on the Lord, four things shall happen- renewal of strength, flying on wings like Eagles, running without getting wearied, and walking without getting tired.
  5. Lets examine them one by one.
  6. Renewal of strength- After you have waited on the Lord, you will be able to achieve what you normally have not been able to achieve. You will have strength to overcome obstacles. You will be refreshed and be able to shout- Give me this mountain!
  7. Flying on Wings like Eagles– This is the  most profound interpretation I received is on this scripture. Almost everyone walks, only few fly. The multitude walk, but champions fly. The crowd is on the ground, but the champions are in the air. You need to fly above the crowd on the ground to become a champion. Most people cannot fly, because they never possess the power to fly. But once you wait on the Lord, the power to fly falls on you. Waiting on the Lord is like recharging your spiritual battery, and once you are able to fly…then your breakthrough is endless. Are you tired on walking with the crowd on the land and want to fly like an eagle above the multitude? Then wait on the Lord.
  8. Running without getting wearied– A lot of us are frustrated because we cant make a success of our ideas. But once you start waiting on the Lord from time to time, He will give you wisdom to run with your vision continuously and overcome all obstacles that may hinder your successes.
  9. Walking without fainting- The enemy is always around to waste and terminate peoples destiny prematurely. But once you wait on the Lord, you shall walk with Him in pleasures and prosperity till a good old age; and not dropped off or down when you Sun is shinning.
  10. The summary of this message is that, the path to success this year is waiting on the Lord continuously. You could not fly last year, because your food was your god. Wait on the Lord this year to fly high like an Eagle.


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One thought on “New Year message: How to succeed in bussiness

    tosin said:
    January 8, 2015 at 6:44 am

    may God help us to wait on Him this year and beyond IJN


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