Sermon: Evils of Television programmes

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Ephesians 5:16 King James – 

16 Redeeming the time, because the days are evil.

Televisions as a bondage


There are several positive and negative sides of the Television. Since we all know the positive side, this article shall dwell on the negative sides, and how we need to carefully handle this to avoid its repercussions.

television evils

  1. Television could become an addiction, taking of your interests and attention from other necessary duties.
  2. Television could gradually break the bond between a nuclear, as they are more tuned to programmes being aired rather than communicating between themselves.
  3. Television could become a time waster, if we spent most of the time watching entertainment Programmes that don’t have value to our lives.
  4. Television could decrease productivity, if we stay glued to Programmes instead of reading, working, studying, or praying.
  5. Television could decrease our spiritual growth as there is always one programme or the other to watch, which takes off the time we should spend reading the bible or praying. Have you ever considered the time you spend watching Christian programmes compared to other non-christian programmes?
  6. Television could kill our prayer life, especially night prayers; as it is very difficult to pray after watching movies and programmes till late night.
  7. Television programmes could subtly introduce sin, lust, idolatry, godlessness, lust, and evil spirits into a home or family as most of the ‘action, adventurous, and romantic’ movies we love to watch are really glorifying Satan. There is no neutral television programme, it is either it is glorifying God or Satan.
  8. Television could be a time waster; as addiction to its programmes could decrease human productivity. If you are football fan, you are likely spending your Saturday and Sunday afternoons/evenings watching Premiership games, La liga, etc.
  9. Football could become idolatry. Millions have turned football clubs into their gods and football stars into their idols. Football has taken our attention from God into clubs. People are now more passionate about football and sports rather than Christianity. And the Television is the chief medium that binds the human race to this new religion.
  10. Television reduces family income that could have been better spend on essentials. Many people pay more to watch games in viewing centres or to subscribe to cable channels offering favourite programmes. I used to have a neighbor who prefers to go hungry and save money in order to watch English premiership games. Even when he could not put food on the table for his household, he would still be able to raise money to watch premiership games at viewing centres.
  11. Television could reduce the productivity of our children. Have you noticed that school pupils find it difficult to do their homework these days, as they are addicted to mobile phones and television programmes?
  12. Television could breed laziness, disobedience, idleness, and bad manners at home. Parents now find it difficult to take the attention of their children off the television. When you are talking to them- they are watching television; when you send them on errands- they are glued to the television; and even when they are eating—they are still busy watching television programmes intermittently.
  13. Television could reduce moral standards at homes. Television movies are full of sex, money, and status. Kids watch it with or without parental consent. Children have become exposed to kissing, love making, etc at a very young age, and there is a tendency for them to wish to practice what they are seeing.
  14. May God deliver us from evil television programmes in Jesus name

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2 thoughts on “Sermon: Evils of Television programmes

    Femi Alofe said:
    November 12, 2014 at 3:15 am

    Wowwwwwww! This is a wonderful inspirational and revelatory information. Gdo bless you sir for sharing.


    Oyediji Danladi Segun said:
    November 14, 2014 at 1:36 pm

    Keep up the work sir. You have raised an issue very very important. Its a reality in our society that the devil is inflicting our days with this issue of TV to divert us from God. But what is the way out ?


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