Why you must pray against enemies at work and home

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Read Psalm 10

  1. Enemies are responsible for troubles (vs 1)
  2. Enemies are responsible for reinforcing poverty and oppression the poor (vs 2 )
  3. Dark powers are responsible for evil exchange of glory (vs 3)
  4. Enemies are anti Christ and oppose the work of God ( vs 4)
  5. Enemies of your glory are proud, boastful, and haughty. 
  6. Enemies are wicked, deceitful, mischievous, wordily, and fraudulent (vs 7)
  7. The enemies of your soul are stubborn pursuers and with a goal to steal, kill, and destroy (vs 8)
  8. The enemies of your soul has set an evil trap (vs 9).
  9. The enemies secretly conspires with others to cause the fall of the poor (vs 10).
  10. The enemy oppresses the fatherless and poor (vs 18)

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