Attributes and Characteristics of Abraham- friend of God

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  1. He was loved by God- Genesis 12 vs 2
  2. He was called by God- Genesis 12 vs 2
  3. He was obedient to God’s call- Genesis 12 vs 4
  4. God fought for him and his household; God withheld Pharaoh from taking over Sarah, Abraham’s wife- Genesis 12 vs 17
  5. He was very rich; he bequeathed riches to his children- Genesis 13 vs 2; 25 vs 7
  6. God blessed him in all things- Genesis 12 vs 2; 24 vs 1
  7. He was a blessing to others- Genesis 12 vs 2
  8. He was a Peacemaker, not proud, greedy, or haughty; he proposed a peaceful solution between his household and that of Lot over access to grazing land for their cattle- Genesis 14 vs 9
  9. God made a covenant with him and his descedants- Genesis 13 vs 15; 17 vs 4
  10. He worshipped God, though all people around him were evil- Genesis 13 vs 13; 13 vs 18
  11. He was the first person to pay tithes to a Priest of God-Genesis 14 vs 20
  12. God was always appearing to him- Genesis 17 vs 1; 12 vs 1; 13 vs 14; 18 vs 1
  13. God did a naming ceremony for him- Genesis 17 vs 5
  14. He was God’s adviser, friend, companion, and confidant. God chatted with him one on one- Genesis 18 vs 33abraham
  15. God plagued his enemies with sickness; there was barreness in Abimelech’s house because he took over Sarah, Abraham’s wfe- Genesis 18 vs 32
  16. God rolled away his reproach and that of his wife- Genesis 21 vs 1
  17. God was faithful to him, and fulfilled all He promised him- Genesis 21 vs 2
  18. He was stupidly obedient to God; willing to sacrifice his only son to God- Genesis 22 vs 2
  19. He experiences divine provision- Genesis 22 vs 14
  20. He lived long and died at a good old age- Genesis 13 vs 1; 24 vs 1; 25 vs 7

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