Book of Revelation: Sins of the old and modern Church

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Church of Ephesians

  1. Backsliding – Revelation 2 vs. 5
  2. Abandonment of evangelism – Revelation 2 vs. 5

church sins

Church in Pergamos

  1. Covetousness, greed, love of money, commercialization – Revelation 2 vs. 14
  2. Idolatry, fornication – Revelation 2 vs. 14

Church in Thyatira

  1. Witchcraft, worldliness, love for fashion, fornication, idolatry, false prophecy – Revelation 2 vs. 20

Church in Sardis

  1. Imperfection, prevalence of unrighteousness, few holy members –Revelation 2 

Church in Laodicean

  1. Accumulates riches, assets, and luxuries, instead of accumulating souls of men.

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