Essence of evangelism and Why christians must evangelise

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Memorise: “The same came for a witness, to bear witness of the Light, that all men through him might believe” (Jn 1:7)

Read: John 1:6-8

In 2 Kings 5:2-4, it was Naaman’s young house maid that God used in linking him with his healing. There is nobody too small or too big for God to use for His glory. She was a very good witness. She bore witness of the miracles she had seen and heard in Israel and it paid off. Every follower of Christ has been called to be a witness of the Lord.In John 1:7, John the Baptist was sent as a witness of Jesus Christ so that all men through him might believe in Jesus. Like the little maid, John did a good job as Christ’s witness. The apostles of old and the Early Church were also called to be witnesses of Jesus. You have been saved so that you can be a witness of Jesus. God loves good witnesses.

There is power in witnessing for Christ. If you want to experience the miraculous, tell others about Jesus – what He did for you, how He saved you from sin and that He can do the same or much more for them. As soon as the person believes, power is released to change the fellow. Miraculous events lurk around faithful witnesses of Jesus.

In Acts 1:8, Jesus says you shall be a witness for Him. What does it mean to be a witness? In secular parlance, when there is a case involving two or more people and it is taken to a court of law, both parties would be expected to invite witnesses who would make statements in favour of the person who invited them.

The witness is expected to present a true account of the event in question. His testimony is also expected to strengthen the arguments of the one who invited him as a witness. One way or another, a witness is a representative of the one who invited him to testify in a matter. In the same vein, you are a witness of Jesus Christ if you have truly received Him into your heart as Lord and Saviour. You automatically become His representative – an ambassador of Christ.evangelist

What you say or do should be in favour of Jesus and strengthen His offer of salvation to the unbelievers. He expects you to present a true account of His dealings in your life and family since you accepted Him into your life. You can be a deciding factor whether the unbelievers around you would submit their lives to Christ or not. A witness who refuses to testify in court is obviously an enemy of the one he is representing.

Are you His witness? Are you still sharing the love of Jesus? Someone needs that testimony. Tell it today!

As a witness of Jesus Christ, lead a soul to Christ today. Also pray for the soul to be established.



By Pastor Enoch Adeboye

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