Prayers: I need God’s divine intervention!

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Memorise: “For a servant when he reigneth; and a fool when he is filled with meat;”( Prov 30:22)

Read: Proverbs 30:21-23

One thing king Solomon could not stand was seeing trekking princes and horse -riding servants. One possible reason why a prince may trek while his servants ride horses is that the prince does not know who he is. Another reason for this anomaly is that the prince may not know that he is supposed to be riding a horse. For instance, he may think that trekking may be good exercise.God will interveneThere are those who still believe that because Jesus said it would be difficult for the rich to enter into the kingdom of Heaven, it is better not to be rich. I thought so in the past but now I know better. Some believers misinterpret the command to carry your cross and follow Jesus to mean that we should continue in sickness, poverty, sorrow, etc. We have forgotten that He came to give us the abundant life ( Jn 10:10). How can He come to take away your sorrow and at the same time still expect you to carry that sorrow?

Recently, in one of our churches, I was invited to come and speak on ‘Surviving In A Coastal Environment’. As I repeatedly considered the topic, I could not believe that I could be given such a topic in RCCG..

I wondered why they did not use the word ‘Triumphing’. It is ignorance to think that because 1 Peter 2:21 says Jesus suffered and left His footprints for us to follow, therefore we should be poor and beggarly. Remember, Jesus was never sick inspite of His ever busy schedule. We should follow His steps in power, holiness, glory, etc. Was Jesus truly poor? How come He had a treasurer?

Another likely reason for the reverse of the old order is that it is possible the prince is trekking because the tide has changed. For instance, Demas. Paul called him a fellow labourer ( Col 4:14). Demas was riding with Paul the Apostle but all of a sudden, he began to trek with the people of the world. Judges 15:14-15 talks of Samson. While he was riding on horses, with a jaw bone of an ass he killed 1000 enemies.

But in Judges 16:20-21, he was seen trekking -grinding corn as a prisoner of war. When a monkey begins to trek instead of jumping from tree to tree, you can tell something has gone wrong. Were things well with you but have now turned the other way round? The Lord will intervene and take you back to ride on horse back in Jesus’ Name. Ask Him to return you to your high places today.

Spend 30 minutes interceding for missionaries in various mission fields all over the world.



By Pastor Enoch Adeboye

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