Sermon on God as the alpha and omega

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Memorise: “I have more understanding than all my teachers: for thy testimonies are my meditation” (Ps 119:99)Read: Psalm 119:97-104
alphaJesus is the Alpha and Omega (Rev 1:8). As a result of this, He has control over any written work. Being the letters A and Z, He has absolute control over every alphabet. It is when He empowers words formed by alphabets that they become what they were meant to be. Also, being in control of alphabets, He can decide to give an illiterate person the knowledge of alphabets and the fellow will write or communicate sensibly using letters or alphabets.There are testimonies of believers without knowledge of the English language, who sought the help of the Alpha and Omega and began to read and understand their English Bibles. One of my daughters went on a missionary trip sometime ago. She got to this distant village and wanted to share the love of Jesus with them but could not speak the language. She felt stuck. How could language be a barrier to the Gospel of Jesus Christ?Suddenly, the Alpha and Omega gave her the understanding and utterance and she spoke the language of the natives fluently, leading several of them to Christ through it.

In Acts 2:1-13, when the Holy Ghost came at Pentecost, the Alpha and Omega gave the believers the power of alphabets in languages they never learnt and they began to speak languages of other nations. If you have been baptized in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues, the Alpha and Omega has performed part of His work in you. But it doesn’t end there.

Being in control of alphabets also means He is in control of all knowledge. He can turn a dullard into a most brilliant person. He can make the intelligent more knowledgeable than his teachers (Ps 119:99). To benefit from such divine gifts from the Alpha and Omega, be born again and receive Him into your heart. Meditate regularly on His Word and practice it. Be a doer of the Word of God.

Take time to worship Him regularly as the Alpha and Omega – the One who is in control of all knowledge, wisdom and understanding. Regularly relate with Him by the name or title you want Him to reveal Himself to you by. Then ask Him to manifest Himself to you as the Alpha and Omega.

When last did you worship Jesus as the Alpha and Omega? Spend 30 minutes doing so now!




By Pastor Enoch Adeboye

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    God is great


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