How could a rich man enter heaven?

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Memorise: “A gift is a precious stone in the eyes of him that hath it: whithersoever it turneth, it prospereth” (Prov 17:8)

Read: Matthew 27:57-60

In Luke 8:1-3 and John 19:13-40, you would find that some rich men and women teamed up to finance the ministry of Jesus Christ. They employed their wealth, power, position and influence to ensure that none of Jesus’ evangelistic programmes failed. Has God blessed you financially or materially? What are you doing with your wealth? The wealth you spend outside the Kingdom of God has no meaning. You can give meaning to what you have. You can support the ministry of your pastor. Do not wait to be told of his need. Prayerfully find out and meet the need. Are you saying you do not have money to support the ministry of Jesus? You may have something else. Take a look at yourself: what’s in your hand? You could be intellectually rich – use it for God’s Kingdom. Are you very social – you easily mix with people and make friends? Use it to the benefit of God’s Kingdom.

Are you rich in marketing strategies? Use it to market the faith of Jesus Christ to your clients. Nobody is poor altogether. There is at least one area God has endowed you. Discover it and use it to benefit God’s people. Are you energetic and very healthy? What wealth can be greater than good health? Use it to work for God. You are part of the rich that must support the ministry of Jesus. Heaven counts on you. Do not fail God.

Moreover, if you fail to use your wealth for God, be informed He always has a substitute somewhere. Usually, God’s substitutes are better equipped to replace the displaced. 1 Samuel 16:1 says David was the substitute for king Saul. Your substitute is waiting to replace you. If you fail to use God’s resources as instructed, they will gradually drift towards your replacement.

You shall not be replaced in Jesus’ Name. Between 1975 and 1977 at the Ebute Metta Headquarters of our church, we had just five cars, and my fairly used car was the newest. At some point, a very wealthy man joined the church. He had about 57 cars in his company. One day, he brought the latest public address system to the church. We were all excited but God said, ‘Tell him to take away his gift’. He was disappointed because he knew that the rejection of his gift also meant the rejection of his person. And he was right. If God accepts anything you give to Him, it is only a privilege!

Pray for your pastor and his family and minister to their material or financial needs.

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