How to overcome lusts of the eyes and the flesh

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Memorise: “Who gave himself for our sins, that he might deliver us from this present evil world, according to the will of God and our Father” (Gal 1:4)Read: 2 Chronicles 20:1-2
In Exodus 8:1, the Lord asked Moses to tell Pharaoh ‘Let my people go’. This is a command and commands must be obeyed. This command borders on deliverance. When you talk about deliverance, there are some brethren who are non-challant to it. They will say it does not concern them because they are not in bondage. They fail to recognize that there are levels of bondages.There are some who are bound like the demoniac of Mark 5:1-15. There are those who are not bound but are imprisoned. These, unlike those that are bound are free to move about but their freedom is highly restricted by walls or gates. In 2 Kings 6:24-29, we see another type of bondage in the city of Samaria. Their hands and feet were not chained, but the enemies besieged them to the extent that some began to eat their children. Many who think they are free are actually in one prison or the other.A woman took the picture of her husband to a herbalist and he tucked it into a charm container. Whenever the container was opened, her husband would be absolutely normal and be a good husband, but the moment he began to take charge of the home as the head, the woman would immediately notify the herbalist and the lid of the container would be shut.

As soon as this was done, the man would lose his sanity. Some people are free, yet they have a ‘but’ in their lives. 2 Kings 5:1 talks of Naaman who had everything but was a leper. The ‘but’ in his life made nonsense of all his wonderful credentials. There are those who are free but the enemies have gathered together to launch an offensive against them like it happened to king Jehoshaphat (2 Chron 20:1-2).

On the other hand, some people who claim to be free are their own enemy. That means their enemy is not outside but within. Samson overcame his external enemies but almost died of thirst – an internal enemy (Judges 15:18). Some people need to be delivered from themselves – their flesh.

A brother once confessed that anytime he was about to have a breakthrough, something would push him into adultery and he would lose the breakthrough. He realized his problem lay within. Are you in such a fix? The Lord is setting you free today. Every overriding control the flesh has over you is broken today. Check yourself and locate any area in which you have remained bound and call upon the Lord in sincerity, faith and persistence. You will be free.

Victory over internal enemies is the platform you need to overcome all external enemies. Ask God for this victory today.




By Pastor Enoch Adeboye

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