Qualities and attributes of a fake ad true born again christian

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Memorise: “That which is born of the flesh is flesh; and that which is born of the spirit is spirit” (Jn 3:6)Read: John 3:5-6
fakeIf you are born again, it will show in various compartments of your life. It will affect your desires, priorities, goals and association. In John 3:6, Jesus says, ” That which is born of the flesh is flesh; and that which is born of the spirit is spirit”.Every human being experiences a fleshly birth. Even if it were possible to enter your mother’s womb and be reborn, it is still a fleshly biological birth. But there is a spiritual birth. It is when you take a trip to the womb of the Spirit and you are born a new creation.That is the new birth. Without this, man is lost. One thing about this spiritual birth is that it will stir up intense hunger for spiritual things.A young secondary school student was in form four when he became born again during the holidays. Thereafter, he returned to his former church but it was no longer fun. The religious activities he used to enjoy now became a drab. He began to thirst after righteousness but was not satisfied. He felt like someone being starved. He soon saw himself like a stranger in a church he attended from his childhood. At some point, he went to counsel with his spiritual parents and was asked to move to a gospel church. That was where his spiritual needs were met.

The day you are born again something dies. You claim to be born again yet you still keep girl friends, smoke, steal, cheat, or fornicate. That claim is highly questionable. You claim to be born again yet you do not pant after spiritual things – to study God’s Word, pray, fast , read Christian books, fellowship within a living church, etc.

It is either you are born again or you are not. There is nothing like partially saved. Ask some people why they claim to be born again and they will tell you, ‘I used to chain-smoke but now I take just one cigarette daily’. ‘ Or, I used to have several girl friends but now I have one’. Or, “I used to demand bribes before but now I only receive the one I am given: afterall, I did not ask for it’.

Congratulations. You are getting close to the Kingdom of God. But the day you truly realize you are a sinner, confess and forsake your sins and receive Jesus into your heart, you will be saved. That day you will begin to notice some changes taking place from within .There is no New Birth without commensurate change.

Where are the fruits of repentance in your life and character? 



By Pastor Enoch Adeboye

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