Bible commentary: Why did Jesus said I am the door?

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Memorise: “I am the door: by me if any man enter in, he shall be saved, and shall go in and out, and find pasture” (Jn 10:9)Read: John 20:18-20
doorIn Matthew 28:1-7, some devoted women went to Jesus’ grave side and found to their surprise that the stone had been rolled away and that He had risen. An angel had descended and rolled away the stone. Many of us believe that the angel rolled back the stone for Jesus to come out. I differ.Jesus was already out before the stone was rolled away because there is no stone that could keep Him in since He is the Door. If He is the Door, He does not need a door to get out. In John 20:19, when the disciples of Jesus were gathered in a place, and all doors were securely locked, suddenly, they found Him in their midst. In other words, He came in through the locked doors being the access way. No door of blessing can be permanently shut against a true believer.Why? Even where the doors are shut, Jesus the Door will be his access. Do enemies think they have shut you out of your breakthrough, fruitfulness or promotion? They are misinformed. If nothing could keep Jesus Christ out, nothing can keep you locked out. As long as you have Jesus, you cannot be limited. The only place the Lord may not enter except He is invited, is the heart of man. Have you opened your heart to Him today?

A man was dying in a hospital bed. The doctor looked at him and said, “Oh we better call in the priest since he is a Catholic “. While they went for the priest, someone came in and gave the man a tract which introduced Jesus to him. Right there and then, the dying man gave his life to Christ. When the priest returned, he administered the last holy communion to prepare him for death.

As soon as the priest left and shut the door after him, somebody in white came through the closed door and served him his first right communion. By the time the doctor returned to check if he had died, he met him completely whole. The stone was not rolled back for Jesus but for the women so that their source of worry could be eliminated. What are you worrying about? Trust in the Door to make a way for you. Every door the enemies have shut will no longer stop you because the Door Himself will be your access.

Ask the Door to give you access into all closed doors of opportunity.




By Pastor Enoch Adeboye

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