How Christians can prevent and stop backsliding

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Memorise: “Who hath directed the Spirit of the LORD, or being his counsellor hath taught him?” (Is 40:13)Read: Numbers 11:10-15
backMatthew 12:36 tells us that a day of word stock-taking will surely come because every idle word we speak is recorded. God allows us to have the wisdom to record things both audio and video so as to give us a clue that Heaven has even more sophisticated recording devices. Ephesians 5:3-7 says even ordinary jokes are recorded. What jokes do you crack? We are called into a long race. One thing about running a marathon is that there is the possibility of getting tired along the way. When a man is becoming weary in his Christian race, he begins to fear what he never feared. Elijah had challenged the king and the people of Israel to godliness. He single-handedly shook the nation with the power of God. He engaged the prophets of Baal in a duel and defeated and killed them. But in 1 Kings 19:1-4, he fled for his life at the threat of Jezebel.He was becoming tired. Similarly, Moses happily led the children of Israel through the wilderness for several years. But at some point, his enormous task was getting at him and he asked God if he was their father and that God should take his life. He was getting tired.

Are you getting tired of the race? Other ways of identifying those who are getting tired in their Christian journey are: when you begin to question the truth you once upheld or find the standard of God’s word becoming too high for you. Are you now wishing it were lowered?

Are you questioning why Christians are not allowed to marry more than one wife like unbelievers and other religions do? It is because you are becoming tired. Also, when the ministry you once enjoyed has become what you must endure, you are becoming tired. When you find yourself always complaining over what you should have thanked God for, you are getting tired.

If you find it difficult to forgive and look for ways to even your scores with offenders, it is a sign of spiritual tiredness. When you are ready to quit the assignment God gave to you before its completion, you are getting tired. The Lord will renew your strength. If tired, take some rest, and wait on the Lord (Is 40:13). Take a holiday, rest and use part of the time to talk with God. Meet Spirit-filled believers and leaders to counsel you. It shall be well with you.

What are the signs of boredom you are presently experiencing in your Christian life? Confess them to the Lord and ask Him to help you.




By Pastor Enoch Adeboye

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