Is the Holy Spirit real?

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Memorise: “For he knew who should betray him; therefore said he, Ye are not all clean” (Jn 13:11)

Read: Jeremiah 17:5-8

It is an unfortunate development not to have a pre-knowledge of good things coming your way. According to Jeremiah 17:6, the one who is blinded to imminent blessings may lose them and end up with leftovers and rejects. That shall not be your portion in Jesus’ Name. Seeing your promotion ahead of time informs you of certain things: it tells you of God’s plan to promote you.It may also give details regarding your new office, the obstruction on the way, etc. This will therefore help guide you on how to channel your prayer efforts and address the real stumbling block on your path. It will provide you courage to fight to possess what Heaven has released. Do you see good things coming your way before hand?holy spirit

A minister was trusting God for a new apartment. He prayed until God showed him his new place in a vision. Thereafter, he went inspecting different accommodations. As they took him from one to another, he shook his head in disapproval because they were at variance with what he was shown.

Eventually, he was taken to an apartment a bit more distant from the rest. As soon as he saw it, he jumped at it in excitement and screamed, ‘This is my new house’. When you see things before they come, you stop being a blind seeker. A blind seeker looks for what he does not know. When he sees it, he will not recognize it.

If you can walk close to the Holy Spirit and have the eyes of your understanding opened, you will be able to tell precisely who your spouse would be. You can tell the next country you will be visiting. You can tell the next apartment or job you are taking up. You can tell your next school or profession. You can tell the period a car or another car is coming to you. You can tell what to wear for your wedding.

You can tell the type of building structure to erect for your church. You can tell. To what extent can you tell today? Ask God to open the eyes of your understanding.

When God shows you things before hand, you can be sure of what to expect and not just accept any offer.


                                                           By Pastor Enoch Adeboye


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