Lord is a man of war, God is mighty in battle

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Memorise: “The LORD is a man of war: the LORD is his name” (Ex 15:3)Read: Numbers 16:28-33
“The LORD is a man of war: the LORD is his name” (Ex 15:3). Our God is a super war veteran. He is an expert in fighting in the heavenlies and galaxies. He is also an expert in fighting on earth. He is the Lord of wars. If you think you know how to fight, wait until you meet my God. He never loses any battle.God mighty in battleIn today’s reading, the Lord demonstrated His prowess and expertise in fighting on land. When He fights on land, everything on it becomes His weapon, and cooperates with Him to fight a common enemy – the one who is challenging the Man of war. In the above battle, His enemies were standing on the earth He created to oppose His servant Moses. All He did was ask the ground to open and swallow them up. And it obeyed and swallowed all the enemies, their assets, houses and families and closed up again as if nothing happened.This war veteran is so perfect at war that after He is through with a battle, there will be no evidence that it took place, except that the enemies would have completely disappeared. Any enemy that will come through the land to fight you this year will be completely swallowed up in Jesus’ Name. There will be no trace of them after the war veteran is through with them.

Our God is also an expert in battles at sea. In Exodus 14, when the Egyptians who had the best military formation then had to contend with the Israelites at the river bank, God displayed His maritime war expertise.

He parted the Red sea, and made a road for His children to pass through. But when the Egyptians entered the miracle road God created for His children, they did not know that it was a trap leading to their mass burial. When they had travelled far mid-sea, the heavenly army began to dismantle their chariot wheels. Movement was seriously impeded. By the time they realized they were fighting with a marine war veteran, and decided to escape on foot out of the sea, the Lord brought back the water walls, turning the sea into a mass burial ground.

Once again there was no trace of any battle! Exodus 15:5 says not one corpse was found. They all sank like lead. This season, any enemy from the marine kingdom or others who come against you through the sea shall be subdued and sunk as lead without a trace in Jesus’ Name. Worship Him today.

O Lord, thou Mighty Man of war, subdue every battle against my life, family and destiny.                                          By Pastor Enoch Adeboye

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2 thoughts on “Lord is a man of war, God is mighty in battle

    Antonio said:
    May 6, 2014 at 7:15 am

    amen and amen I agree in Jesus Name. May this year be the year of many victories by the power of Yahweh the Man of War! May our enemies be subdued as we possess the land and take back the spoils that God has attended us to have at the beginning. No Weapon formed against us shall prosper for we have a Mighty Man of War that will defeat our enemies – May God Yahweh arise in His Wrath and may His enemies be scattered – may the fragment of the enemy of God be scattered to No Return! May God loose His Arsenal Weapons in the Heavens, Earth and Underneath the Earth to destroy every evil power that have been destroying, fighting and defeating His Children… ARISE, ARISE YAHWEH O MIGHTY MAN OF WAR as You did in the days of old – when You destroyed Rehab and cut off the head of the dragon in the waters – that Leviathian Spirit — Yehovah Yahweh smash his head and scale his body with Your blazing sword and may Leviathian bleed out merciless and May God Almightyfeed his body to the inhabitants in the wilderness as You said Yehovah in Your word in Psalms 74 – for Your WORD shall not return void or empty but carried out as you attend it to be. Now we as the body of Christ Jesus stand in agreement that You will ARISE with Mighty Strength in Your Arm and subdue our enemies and cause our life to be a Holy Revival for Your Kingdom on this earth. In Jesus Christ of Nazareth Holy Name we Agree! And we cover our life, family and those that pray for our well being with the Blood of Jesus and a Strong Hedge of Protect of Fire according to Job 1:10 and Zech: 2:5.. We give You Jesus the GLORY, HONOR, POWER, PRAISE, ADORATION AND THE HIGHEST PRAISE HALLELUJAH! AMEN AND AMEN


    okolie bernard said:
    May 16, 2016 at 12:47 pm

    wonderful sermon,glad to be linked up.may the almighty continue to prosper his word in our lives in Jesus name.


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