Sermon on : Fight good fight of faith

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Memorise: “But Christ as a son over his own house; whose house are we, if we hold fast the confidence and the rejoicing of the hope firm unto the end” (Heb 3:6)

Read: Revelation 3:11-13

In Exodus 14, after the Israelites left Egypt, they got to the Red Sea and thought danger was over and declared a picnic. As they were settling down to rest, eat and play, they looked back and saw the enemies they thought were gone advancing towards them. Then they panicked.power of faithOne lesson here is that as long as you are within the territory of the enemy, keep on guard. Even when the enemy brokers peace with you, don’t be fooled. Keep your spiritual vigilance, maintain your prayer fire. In most cases, when the enemy is talking of peace and settlement, it is another strategic plot to get you. Beware! Ephesians 6:13 says after doing all you know to do, stand. This means it is not time to sit down and rest. Luke 9:62 says once your hands are on the plough, there is no looking back.

We must daily strive towards perfection according to Hebrews 6:1. Paul says holding our confidence to the end is what qualifies us to be partakers with Christ (Heb 3:6).

“Behold I come quickly: hold that fast which thou hast, that no man take thy crown” (Rev 3:11). Have you just recorded breakthrough in a particular area? Your church attendance or tithe has suddenly doubled or tripled. At last the embargo over your promotion was lifted and you were promoted in your office. Have you just moved to the next level in ministry, academics or family? Praise God.

However, there is no resting yet for you. Sustain all the efforts that led you into that blessing. In 1 Kings 13:1-24, a young prophet was sent to deliver a message. Signs and wonders followed his ministry and everyone took notice that God was behind him. On his way back home, he declared a picnic when he had clearly been warned not to rest on the way until he returned home.

His premature celebration killed him. He never returned! Rest is only rest when God says it is time to rest. But declaring rest when God says its no time for rest is suicidal. Many believers in whom God’s blessings eventually turned into something like a curse found themselves there because they rested a little too early. Are you resting before time? Get up and make amendments today.

When rest is taken at the wrong time, it delivers negative effects. Father, help me to take rest at the appropriate time.

By Pastor Enoch Adeboye

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