How to overcome the spirit of fear

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Memorise: “Let God arise, let his enemies be scattered: Let them also that hate him flee before Him” (Ps 68:1)

Read: Psalm 68:1-3

“Let God arise, let his enemies be scattered: Let them also that hate him flee before Him” (Psalm 68:1). Be very careful when you sing or pray the above scripture. Why? The one saying that prayer could be among the enemies that would be sfearcattered when God answers the prayer.Are you God’s enemy? We live at a time we are daily surrounded by enemies – enemies within, enemies without, those at home and those on the high ways. If you visit high brow areas of Nigerian cities – for instance Victoria Island (Lagos), you would be forced to pity the wealthy who live there. If you drive through, you would see how the fear of armed robbers has converted residential quarters into prison houses. You would find beautiful houses enclosed in high walls. In fact, the government cannot boast of having the sophisticated security fences that some individuals have.

In those days, robbers operated only at night in my village. They would knock on the door, to find out whether the house owner was asleep or awake. The moment they heard, ‘Who is that?’, they took to their heels. But today, it is a different ball game completely. They would write to inform you when they are coming so that you can be prepared. When they come, they force their way through various security barriers and head for the kitchen .

They serve themselves and take their time to steal whatever they want. They waste human lives, rape and maim their victims in the process. Thank God we are serving the One who is a Mighty Warrior. Exodus 15:3 calls Him the Man of war. He is a super war veteran. He has fought and won the highest numbers of battles without losing any. Check His track records. He has seen different shapes and shades of battles and wars and has an array of weapons, the largest army and inexhaustible battle winning strategies. He will fight for you.

Every spirit of the waster sent against you and your family will be wasted this year. Every attack of armed robbers and hired assassins against you this year shall be disappointed. Those that are against you shall flee in seven ways. There is a user of this Devotional who has lost so much to the attack of robbers. Fear not, the Lord is restoring all you lost to robbers. The Lord will shield you from subsequent attacks of robbers that you are afraid of. Just let God be your Helper.

Lord Jesus, thou Man of war, scatter by fire now every spirit, power or force fighting against me.


        By Pastor Enoch Adeboye

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