Easter messages: Bible verses on second coming of Jesus Christ

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What does the Bible say about the second coming of Jesus Christ. Below is a commentary of Mathew 24 vs 8 that talks about signs to look out for the second coming of the Lord Jesuseaster sermons

1. Sorrows, tribulations, natural disasters, and false religions are signs of the beginning of the end of the world.
2. As clearly stated in the Bible, these occurrences does not mean the end will come now.
3. The major sign that the world will soon end is the spread of the gospel to all nations as stated in Mathew 24 vs 14.
4. Since there are several nations that are yet to hear of the gospel now, it is assumed that the end may not come now.
5. As soon as Christians take up the work of Evangelism and spread the gospel to all nations using all tools, then Christ will come
6. But no man or angel knows the exact time, as Jesus will come like a thief in the night.
7. What are you doing to spread the gospel to all nations?
8. Do the work of an evangelist today


Bible on walking with God: How do I walk with God?

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