What are basic qualifications of a Pastor or Bishop?

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What does the Bible say on the qualities of a Pastor or Bishop. A reading of 1 Timothy 3 provides information on the key qualifications of a Pastor.

The office of a preacher is a good officer and aspiring someone into the office must have the following qualities:

1. Blameless – Have no fault
2. Monogamist – Have only one wife
3. Gentleman
4. Sharp and smart
5. Well mannered
6. Hospitable – accommodating and caring
7. Learned, good teacher of the word
8. Does not drink wine or beer
9. Not quarrelsome
10. Not greedy – contented, must not be corrupt
11. Patients not hasty
12. Not a talkative
13. Has self control
14. Good parents, has a godly children
15. Not a new convert
16. Humble, not proud
17. Unbeliever must attest he is a good man

Be the Joseph of this generation 

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