How to improve my prayer life

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Is your prayer life weak? Do you find it difficult to pray? How can you improve your prayer life? Below are prayers to revive your prayer life

James 5 vs 16: The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.

  1. Any power assigned to kill my prayer life, I bury you today in  Jesus name
  2. I receive the power to pray without ceasing in Jesus name
  3. My prayer battery be recharged by the Holy Spirit.
  4. Evil arrows fired against my prayer life, I fire you back in Jesus name
  5. I refuse to sleep when I should pray.
  6. My prayer life that has been caged by witchcraft receive fire now in Jesus name
  7. My spirit man, become violent in Jesus name.
  8. Power that resurrected Jesus from the grave, resurrect my life now in Jesus name
  9. My dead virtues, come alive by the blood of Jesus
  10. Every evil conspiracy against my destiny, scatter in Jesus name
  11. Every power drawing me to the grave, die in Jesus name
  12. Power  of resurrection, disgrace my oppressors in Jesus name
  13. Spirit of evangelism, possess me now in Jesus name
  14. I refuse to join the crowd to commit evil in Jesus name
  15. Spirit of God crucify me on the cross in Jesus name
  16. My flesh die, my spirit come alive in Jesus name


                   By Babatope Babalobi +2348035897435

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