Success in Life: How do I succeed in business?

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By Babatope Babalobi +2348035897435
It is the desire of every man to become successful in Business. What are the biblical principles of success? What can we learn from the scriptures on how to succeed in Business?success in business success in life
  • Genesis 10 vs. 32These are the families of the sons of Noah, after their generations, in their nations: and by these were the nations divided in the earth after the flood.
  • In the beginning God created the earth as one body, one continent. What we know today as five continents were not separated by joined together, as one big earth.
  • Later on God divided the earth into what has now become five separated continents.
  • Why did God divide the earth? God wanted people to scatter and fill all parts of the earth, but the first men refused preferring to stay at the same spot as one nation and one people.
  • This was not the original plan of God and He therefore redesigned and divided the earth into five separate continents inorder to fulfil his original destiny.
  • There is a lesson for us here- we should continuously review your work to redesign it and make changes to cope with new challenges.
  • To succeed in your business you have to be dynamic. God redesigned the earth to cope with new challenges. Redesign your pattern of doing things to attract new customers.
  • Many of us have refused to acquire additional educational qualification whereas we are in a society where the more your higher certificates, the higher your income. Many of us have refused acquire new skills and knowledge for our job and business whereas there are new innovations by the minute in this internet age.
  • If you are a Photographer, there is a new way of taking pictures; if you are a Caterer,  there is a new way of baking cake and making pastries; if you are a student, you can learn new things online; if you are businessman, you can now order goods online to be shipped to you; if you are tailor, hairdresser, or even a Barber, there are new styles for fabrics, hairdos and hair cuts respectively.
  • Get new education, get new training, get new skills, harness the power of the internet to learn new things, be different, and you are on your way to success in Business.
  • Prayer: Holy Spirit, make me the best in Jesus name

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