New month prayers for breakthrough: I need a hard miracle

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As you say these new month prayers for breakthroughs, the God of Impossibilities shall intervene in your situations in Jesus namenew month breakthrough prayers

Bible verses and prayers for new month

Genesis 18 vs. 14Is any thing too hard for the LORD? At the time appointed I will return unto thee, according to the time of life, and Sarah shall have a son.

Genesis 21 vs. 1 – And the LORD visited Sarah as he had said, and the LORD did unto Sarah as he had spoken.

  1. Almost everyone has a problem.
  2. Some of these problems could be long standing, and they seem to defy prayers.
  3. You have prayed, fasted, given sacrificial offerings, stood on scriptures, prophesised to yourself, stretched your faith to the limit, and attended several deliverance sessions yet the problem still remained unsolved.
  4. That problem may be debts, barrenness, marital delay, academic failures, sickness and unemployment.
  5. Now you are losing hope, you faith is failing, you have decided to live with the problem, and you may even be thinking perhaps has decide not to answer your prayers, or God does not exist
  6. Beloved, God is a specialist in solving hard problems. Your problem could have remained unsolved because of hidden sins in your life, because you have not cried to God enough, or simply because God wants you to learn some lessons through these experiences.
  7. Sarah was in a similar problem, but God visited her and healed of over 23 years of barrenness.
  8. As the Lord of Sarah liveth, He shall visit your situation today in Jesus name
  9. As many that are believing God for a hard miracle, the good news today, is that the God of Sarah, the God of Hannah is ready to give you a hard miracle.

10. As you step put today in this new month, and say this new month prayers, you shall experience a divine visitation, you shall experience a hard miracle, and the God of Sarah shall visit your situation in Jesus name

New month prayers for breakthroughs

  • My problems expire this month in Jesus name
  • My breakthroughs, manifest this month in Jesus name
  • Powers pressing down my head, the God of Israel shall press down your heads in Jesus name
  • Lord, do something hard for me today in Jesus name.
  • God of Sarah, visit my situation today in Jesus name.


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