Marriage: Meaning of Wives submit to husbands

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Bible verses on happy marriage: Wives submit, husbands love. What are the Biblical principles of ensuring a happy marriage? Follow these tips and obey the following bible based rules to ensure a happy marital life.
Read Ephesians 5 vs. 21-33
1. The wife recognizes husband as the head of the family
2. The wife recognizes the husband as having the final authority
3. Recognize and admit the fact that Men and women are not equal leaders in a marriage, though men and women are created equal. The man is the leader and the wife is the follower.marriage crisis
4. The wife respects the husband and summit to its leadership authority in the marriage.
5. Husbands should love and honor their wives in order to earn their respect and submission
6. The man has a duty to care for the wife
7. The fear of the Lord forces the wife to submit and forces the husband to love and cherish the wife. As such both of you should become good Christians with the fear of God.
8. Without fear of God in the hearts of partners, no marriage can succeed.


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