Bible verse and prayers to overcome sin

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Sin lies at the door waiting for a victim, but you need to determine to overcome sin, knowing fully well that the wages of sin is death.

  • Genesis 4 vs. 7 – Sin lieth at the door.
  • The Bible itself recognises that Sin is the greatest challenge facing man. Sin is a spirit and manifest in various evils. Every day, we face situations and options that may lead us into coming a sin or staying holy.
  • The Bible says sin lies at the door. The human flesh by nature enjoys the pleasures of sin. And the sensory organs expose us to various temptation that may lead us into sin.overcome sin
  • Some of the things we desire to see, some of the things we desire to touch, some of the things we say with our mouth, some of the things we desire to hear, some of the things we desire to possess may lead us into sin.
  • There is the sin of vulgar and evil words, sin of covetousness and greed, sin of pride and arrogance, sin of hatred and malice, sin of fraud, stealing, bribery and corruption, sin of sexual perversions such as pornography, lusts,  fornication and adultery, sin of lying, and sin of idolatry to mention a few.
  • The Bible says Sin is at the corner waiting to rule you. But the good news is that every man has a freewill and power to choose good or evil, to sin or to live right.
  • Just as Sin lieth at the door to rule you, the Holy Spirit is also around you  waiting to rule your heart. You have the power of choice.
  • As you step out today, in all your dealings today, in all your activities today, be conscious that Sin lieth at the door, and determine not to give yourself to sin.
  • Desire not to sin today and every day.


  • Sin shall not rule me in Jesus name.

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