Persecutions of Apostle Paul

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Read 2 Corinthians 11 vs 23- 33

  1.  He received 40 stripes five times for preaching the gospel.
  2. He was imprisoned several times for carrying the cross.
  3. He was beaten with rods three times.
  4. He as stoned once, and his accusers thought he died, but he miraculously survived.
  5. He suffered ship wreck thrice during his missionary journeys.
  6. He spent 24 hours in the deep of the waters once.
  7. He suffered many dangers and risks on the sea, in the hands of robbers, by fellow Hebrews, in the wilderness, on the sea, and among unbelievers.
  8. He went for many days without water and food, not because he was fasting but there was no food or water to drink.
  9. He was always on marathon fasts
  10. He was always on the road and exposed to extremes of weather- cold and hot.
  11. He still managed to work and sent offerings to the churches.
  12. He suffered weaknesses as a result of his afflictions.
  13. He suffered sicknesses as a result of his afflictions.
  14. He was once imprisoned in Damascus, and he escaped through a window by  a basket.


  • I receive the passion for souls in Jesus name.



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