Qualities of a virtuous woman

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Read Proverbs 31 vs. 10-31

  1. She is invaluable.
  2. She is trustworthy.
  3. Wins the heart of her husband.
  4. She is not idle, nor slothful.
  5. An asset for her husband.
  6. Industrious and enterprising.
  7. A good cook.
  8. Good investor.
  9. Loves her family.
  10. Good planner.
  11. Has foresight and vision.
  12. Not proud, loves the poor.
  13. Provides the needs of her husband.
  14. Neat, elegant and charming.
  15. Not a full time house wife, but a good business woman.
  16. Not a talkative or gossip.
  17. Speaks with grace and wisdom.
  18. Loved by her children and husband.
  19. Fears the Lord.

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