Bible on alcoholic drinks: Does the Bible forbid drinking wine and beer?

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Proverbs 20 vs. 1

Wine is a mocker, strong drink is raging: and whosoever is deceived thereby is not wise.

  1. There is no passage in the Bible that expressly forbids drinking of wine or any alcoholic drink.
  2. But there are several passages that warn about the dangers of drinking wine and alcoholic drinks.
  3. It is widely known that any alcoholic drink can be intoxicating particularly if drank in large quantities.
  4. Also most of the people that are habitual drinkers or drunkards today, started by drinking in small quantities.
  5. It is also generally known that habitual drinkers of alcoholic drinks suffer ailments resulting from damage of their organs.
  6. Drinking is also a major drain of household incomes.
  7. Drinking joints such as Clubs, Pubs and Bars, are also associated with several other ungodly activities such as crime, violence, profane discussions and sexual orgies.
  8. It is therefore wiser to flee from drinking rather that indulging in this habit, no matter the level of your moderation.



You Bacchus, god of drinks, I cast you out of my life in Jesus name

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