Prayer that availeth much: Bible Story of Hannah

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Babatope Babalobi

Listen to the audio sermon here: Bible: Lessons from story of Hannah

  1. Hannah, the wife of Elkanah was barren, but Peninnah the other wife of Elkanah had children.
  2. Hannah refused to accept her situation but cried to God.
  3. She made a covenant with God
  4. God answered her and blessed her with a son named Samuel.

Several lessons we can learn from the prayer life of Hannah

  1. She refused to be down cast or provoked by the provocation of Peninnah the other wife of Elkanah.  Do you weep when you have problems or cry to God?  Read-1 Samuel 1 vs. 6
  2. When she faced the problem of barrenness, she ran to the house of God, not evil altars, or shrine. Who or where do you run to when you have problems? Read- 1 Samuel 1 vs. 6
  3. She was persisted in prayer. The Bible says she didn’t give up hope of becoming a mother, but went to Shiloh year after year. Other women in her situation would have stopped going to Shiloh after the first year when their prayer seemed unanswered. Read- 1 Samuel 1 vs. 7
  4. She was a prayer warrior. The Bible says she wept anytime she prays. Read-1 Samuel 1 vs. 7. These days we have a lot of psycadelic Christians who cannot pray their way out of afflictions. They cannot stay in the prayer altar for long, and literally smile while they pray.
  5. Hannah was a prayer strategist who prayed with concentration both her heart and her mouth. Read1 Samuel 1 vs. 3
  6. Hannah was persistent and adamant in prayer. She knew how to pray the prayer of enough is enough even after the ceremonies had finished in Shiloh she refused to leave the presence of God. She stayed on in a lonely place crying to God until she received divine attention. Heavens is looking for the Hannah of this generation not vagabonds in prayers..
  7. Hannah was always fasting. Read- 1 Samuel 1 vs. 7. She knew she needed to make a sacrifice in order to receive her deliverance. These days Christians who finds it difficult to fight despite the enormity of their problems. Their belly has become their god.
  8. She was a believer. She had faith in God.  She challenged God to action.  She made a vow to God and God gave her a covenant child.
  9. Hannah believed the servant of God. Immediately Eli told her to go in peace, she went away, believed the word of the prophet, broke her fast and became happy.  Read-1 Samuel 1 vs. 18. Some of us pray, but do not believe our prayers are answered.
  10. God eventually answered her prayers. She bore a son which she named Samuel meaning “I have asked him of the Lord” Read-1 Samuel 1 vs. 20. What is that ‘Samuel’ that you are asking from God?
  11. Hannah eventually fulfilled her vow by handling over Samuel to the Lord.
  12. In conclusion, as many people that will have the aggression, tenacity, persistence, faith, and spiritual understanding  of Hannah, God will remember them, terminate their barrenness and give them a Samuel representing a specific thing they have ask from the Lord.

Prayer: Oh Lord, make me the Hannah of this generation

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4 thoughts on “Prayer that availeth much: Bible Story of Hannah

    Providence said:
    March 12, 2013 at 10:46 am

    I pray to be the Hannah of today in Jesus name!


    patricia said:
    June 3, 2013 at 12:54 am

    I would also like to emulate the life of Hannah. so inspiring and wonderful.


    Minky said:
    April 16, 2018 at 12:51 pm

    the power of prayer


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