Bible Study: Qualities of Ruth

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Babatope Babalobi

Read Ruth chapter 1- 4

  1. She was a strong woman; her strength did not fail in affliction. Despite loosing her husband, she refused to abandon her mother in-law, Naomi
  2. She held unto God in affliction, unlike the second wife- “Orpah” who returned to her gods after she also lost her husband. Ruth 1 vs. 15.
  3. She believed in the sanity of marriage. She refused to go back to her father’s house despite the death of her husband. Ruth 1 vs. 15 and 16. In contrast, Orpah returned to her people after the death of her husband.
  4. She was humble, respectful and God fearing. She had a beautiful relationship with Naomi her mother in-law; other women in her shoes would have accused their mother in-law of being responsible foe her son’s death.  Ruth did not see her mother in law as the witch that killed her two sons, rather, she saw her as a mother.
  5. She was enterprising. After she returned with her mother in law, Naomi to Bethlehem, she was ready to work in the field in order to earn an income. Ruth 2 vs. 2
  6. She was diligent.  Other widows in her position would have been sleeping around with young men to earn a living instead of working in the field. But she choose to work for an income. Ruth 3 vs. 10
  7. She was obedient, she listened and followed the instruction of Naomi her mother in-law regarding to how she could get the attention of- Boaz a kinsman of Ruth’s late husband.
  8. God eventually rewarded Ruth by connecting her with Boaz; a mighty man of wealth who remarried her.
  9.  God also blessed her with a son named Obed who is the grandfather of King David and an ancestor of Jesus Christ. Ruth 4 vs. 13 and 22.

Prayer: Oh Lord, make me the Ruth of this generation

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