Story of Samson: Choosing a marriage partner


This message is titled ‘Choosing a marriage partner’. You may also give it another title that ‘I will NOT marry my enemy’.


We are going to use the story of Samson as a case study in this sermon, and I refer you to go and read judges 13 to chapter 16.

The story of Samson is one of the greatest tragedies in the Bible, this was a man who was heavily anointed by God but had his anointing deflated by a strange woman, this was a man who was called by God to deliver a nation but ended up in a trap of a strange woman

  1. Samson was somebody that was raised by God to free Israelites from the captivity of Philistines but he ended up being captured by his enemies, Samson was somebody who was supposed to kill and destroy all his enemies but ended up saying the most Satanic prayer in the Bible, he said he should be allowed to me die with my enemies.
  2. I pray for somebody who is reading and listening to this message that you shall not die with your enemies in Jesus name.
  3. We read in Judges 13 vs. 5 that Samson was dedicated to God from birth  and his destiny was to deliver Israel out of the hands of Philistines the oppressors. Unfortunately he was not able to fulfill that destiny as he died in the hand of the Philistines. I pray once more that you shall not miss your destiny in Jesus name.
  4. There were three strange women in the life of Samson. Samson’s problem started when he married his first wife from the camp of the enemy, the Philistine. The first woman Samson married was the daughter of Timath, a Philistine town, who was given away to his friend, this shows the deceitfulness of the enemy.
  5. The second woman Samson in his life was the harlot of Gazar who ended up calling all of the residents to gather at the gate of the town in order to kill Samson.
  6. The third woman in the life of Samson was Delilah, who ended up betraying Samson into the hands of the Philistines by disclosing  to them the secret of his divine strength. I pray that you shall not be captured by a Delilah in Jesus name. Any Delilah that has been programmed to disanoint you, that Delilah shall die in Jesus name.

What are the implications of Samson’s love tragedy or Samson’s romance with strange women?

  1. The first implication was that the wife he married was taken away from him and replaced with another woman. I pray for you again that your wife shall not be replaced with a counterfeit woman in Jesus name
  2. The second implication was that because Samson decided to romance with his enemy, he gave them an easy opportunity to hunt him down.
  3. The third implication was that because Samson decided to lust after women, instead of fulfilling his divine mission, he lost his peace as he was not busy planning vengeance against his enemies.
  4. The forth implication was that because Samson embarked on a romantic voyage, he was forced to dance before Dagon the god of Philistines. I pray for you again that you shall not dance before idols in Jesus name.
  5. When Samson was growing up, it was written in the Bible that the Holy Spirit fell upon him mightily, but when he allowed himself to be captured by Delilah, the Holy Spirit departed from him. I pray for you again that your lust for a strange woman shall not cause you to loose your anointing in Jesus name.
  6. Because Samson decided to marry from the camp of his enemies, he ended up being captured by his enemies who bound him and forcefully plug out his eyes. I pray for you again that what you are lusting after with your eyes will not cause you to loose your sight in Jesus name.
  7. Samson prayed one of the strangest prayer in the Bible after when he was captured by his enemies. He prayed to God to allow him to die with his enemies. I pray for you that you shall not die with your enemies in Jesus name.
  8. Lastly, Samson lost his destiny. He was supposed to deliver Israel fro the hands of the Philistines but he ended up being captured and killed by the Philistines. I pray for you that your canal desire and lust will not lead you to strange tragic death in Jesus name.

I shall be concluding this message by looking at six lessons we can learn from tragedy of Samson and I am taking my reference from Joshua 13 vs. 2-3

  1. Make sure you marry a strong believer and s solid born again Christian
  2. Keep your mind open and patiently listen to the advice and counsel of your parents and pastors.
  3. Be guided by love, not lust. Check the character of your partner and don’t be captured by her beauty. Delilah was a beautiful woman with a beautiful name, but she did not have a beautiful character.
  4. Avoid polygamy, Samson chased three women, be contented with one wife or one husband and have self control.
  5. Rely on God for direction and not on what you see
  6. Keep secrets.

2 Comments to “Story of Samson: Choosing a marriage partner”

  1. We that are called by God for an assignment should really be focus and ask the Holy Spirit for directions otherwise we will end up like Samson. I PRAY THAT WOULD NOT BE OUR PORTION. in Samson case it was a woman, but it could be any other thin that shifts our focus and derails us of our journey with God, beware, be watchful and prayerful on this journey of our Christian life.

  2. I am the publisher of Goonews International magazine – a non denominational Chistian magazine. I like this sermon & will like to publish d article in our next edition, if it is ok withv u. Ou aim is to spread d word. Thanks

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