Mountain of Fire and Miracles

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Be a trouble maker for Jesus and be bold,

“Fear not” trample upon evil powers with your Iron shoe and shoe of brass: (Deut 33:24-26)

He frustrated the token of liars (the wise man) . He made the diviners mad


Before continuing this sermon, pray like this: Every cauldron of household witchcraft break in Jesus name.

Fighting from heaven makes me to become untouchable by people who circulate names for evil. I will cry no more but wailing will be heard in the camp of my oppressors.

Read Judges 5 :- The children of Israel fought from heaven, the stars in their courses fought for them against Sisera.

Who is this Sisera? Sisera was a terrible man who harassed Israel for many years. He had 900 chariots of Iron. He was an Army captain and whenever he fought these was pandemonium. Deborah, the leader of the Armies of Israel knew that she could not fight Sisera in the physical. Unlike Sisera, she had no chariots and also men to ride them even if she had.

Prophetess Deborah adopted a strategy that confounded the enemies- She fought Sisera from heaven. Sisera was defeated, his solders all died because a woman knew how to fight from heaven.

In the battle field, Sisera went to Jael to take cover, Jael gave him milk. He slept and Jael pierced him with an Iron nail. Deborah fought from heaven. Sisera was destroyed by a woman.

My Sisera shall die in Jesus name.

Eph 6:12. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood. Against spiritual wickedness in high place.

In the azure (clouds) above there is wickedness. Wickedpeople fight from heaven. To defeat them we too must fight from the heaviness.

In some religion, people pour curse into the heavenlies. In Eden, man lost the power to fight from the heavenlies to Satan. Children of God are those who must fight from the heavenlies.

You must not allow enchanters sorceress to take over power in the heavenlies.

2 Chronicles 6-18: There is the heavens of heavens where God lives -His throne. When you fight from here, then you will defeat the enemies.

Deut 10:14 Behold the heaven and the heavens is the Lord thy God.

My Lord is enthroned in heaven far above all powers. Eph 1:21. There are some powers above but Jesus is FAR ABOVE them – all principalities, power and dominions, not only in this earth but in the world to come.

Moses fought from the heavenlies. He called darkness to cover the earth. He knew that the Egyptians used to draw power from heaven. Moses turned the sun into darkness.

Elijah dealt with the heavenliess and he produced drought for 31/2 years thereby bringing

Ahab and his soldiers to their knees. Deborah fought the stars and Sisera fell.

Joshua commanded the Sun to stand still in the valley of Adjalon and the Israelites won the battle.

Edited by Pastor Mrs Funke Ibigbami

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3 thoughts on “Mountain of Fire and Miracles

    Andy said:
    June 24, 2010 at 7:56 am

    Man, these are totally new teachings to me yet amazingly scriptural. I would love to learn more. Please help me.


    Sele said:
    July 19, 2013 at 10:52 am

    God bless you real good!!!!!! ha


    August 25, 2013 at 11:35 am



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