Audio sermons: How to receive divine deliverance from Spiritual viruses

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Read Ephesians 6:10-20

Spiritual viruses are coded by the devil into evil spirits and transferred into the lives of people through dreams, sexual contacts, food, and other objects without their knowledge and approval.

There is no gain saying that spiritual viruses are the greatest enemies of the church, spiritual viruses are the leading cause of backsliding and foremost enemy of evangelism.

• When a spiritual virus enters a Christian homes it leads to spiritual Luke warmness, it quenches the fire of love, ignites in fighting, leading to separation and divorce.

• When a spiritual virus enters a Christian business, it results in poor work attitude by staff, wrong management decisions, low productivity, low profits, avoidable loses, stiff competition, and eventual close down of the company.

• When a spiritual virus starts to operate in a church, members start to come to church late and at times do not come at all, workers become lackadaisical, the Pastors start to commit adultery with members of the choir, and prayer life of the church becomes almost nothing. Eventually, the church becomes stagnated, closes up, and the church is turned to a mosque as the church building is bought over by Muslims. What a tragedy!

Listen to the sermon

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