Bible study: What is deliverance prayers?

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Deliverance simply put is:

  • Release from captivity;
  • The expulsion of evil spirits from a person or possess people
  • Blind the strongman and spoiling his good;
  • Expelling bad spirits that torment or possess people
  • To loose the bounds of lives chained through wickedness
  • To destroy the yoke that the enemies use to retard people
  • To remove curses/spells/jinxes cast upon people
  • Receiving freedom from forces of oppression like unnatural sexual urge, alcoholism, false religion, masturbation, bed wetting
  • Spiritual cleansing f house office, factory, shop, business area by chasing out bad spirit and destroying satanic edicts
  • Breaking of satanic chains and fetters
  • Removal of invisible heavy loads placed on people
  • Uprooting evil seeds and trees planted in a persons life
  • Making the rough places plain
  • Destruction of the works of Satan
  • Removal of satanic embargo placed on the lives and ways of people and remove the reproach that Satan and wicked people had placed on someone
  • Release from demonic influence
  • Immunity against counter-attacks by evil spirits
  • Release from covenants beings used by the enemy to restore
  • Bondage into the lives of people
  • Rescue from damage done to the person while there is no standard method. However, a proper deliverance process must include the following;

One thought on “Bible study: What is deliverance prayers?

    So interesting. More and more anointing said:
    September 17, 2011 at 4:05 am

    I need ur surportive prayer to become a deliverance minister of God.


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