T.D. Jakes sermon on God’s love

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If you have never know the love of an earthly father, you may have nothing to compare with the heavenly Father’s love. His love is more gentle than a mother’s breast and stronger than a father’s arms at the same time. It is more intimate than a lover’s caress. It is more consistent than a child’s affection. It is agape. It is God’s love. If you could ever fathom it- His love alone would heal the aching of your broken heart. He absolutely adores you.

Why are you broken from place to place and person to person looking for love? Have you not heard? He has been speaking to you through all of your circumstances. He is the one who has need when life has wounded you and you have fallen from your nesting place like a bird. It is His hand that catches the falling soul. Then He casts it to the wind and commands it to fly again.

It is a shame that we as Christians have moved so far away from the masterful plan of salvation. We need to teach again the marvelous plan of salvation-not just the recipe of salvation, the repeat-after-me recipes that soon become canned and cold. We need to teach the chemistry of salvation. An eternal God chose you before you were ever born. His hand-picked bride-that is what you are. Have been selected-not will be. You are selected. You are not running for office. You are chosen.

You need to know your father. You know so much about the church and that is great. The church is the mother who held you in her womb and carried you with her grace. She has fed you the sincere milk from her breast. The milk of the Word has caused you to grow (see 1 Peter 2:1-3). That is wonderful, but I am concerned because we have raised up too many children in the kingdom who know so much about their mother. They know when to worship; they know when to sit and when to stand. They know all about the social order and politics. They are full of church history and programs, but they know nothing of their father.

If the church is your mother, as glorious as she is, you still need to know your father. He is the one who produced the seed of his word that caused you to come into being. It is His name you inherit, and you’re calling upon His name open up all of heaven. It is He who carries you and delivers you. If you are insecure, it is because you have spent so much time nestled near your mother’s tenderness that you have not experienced your father’s strength. He is strong and mighty. He is your Father, and the devil can’t stop him.

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