T.D. Jakes sermon on God’s grace

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Psalm 91:1-13

In the process of creating Eve, the mother of all living, God’s timing was crucial. He didi not unveil her until everything she needed was provided. From establishment to relationship, all things were in order. Woman was mean to be covered, to be nurtured and protected. Originally, Adam was her covering.

My sister even, as a child, you were made to be covered. If someone “uncovered” you, there is a feeling of being violated. Even these feeling are suppressed, they are still powerful. I think it is interesting that when the Bible talks about incest, it uses the word uncovered. Sexual abuse violated the covering of the family and responsible persona whom you looked to from guidance. This stripping away of relationships leaves you exposed and valuable to the reality of corrupt, lust imaginations. Like fruit peeled too soon, it is wrong to uncover what God wished to remain protected.

To molest a child is to uncover her to leave her feeling unprotected. Do you realized that one of the things the blood of Jesus Christ does is to cover us? Like Noah’s sons who covered the father’s nakedness, the blood of Jesus will cover the uncovered. He will not allow spending the rest of your life exposed and violated.

Reach out and embrace the fact that God has been watch over you, all your life. My sister, he covers you, clothes you are blesses you, rejoice in Him in spite of the broken places. God’s grace is sufficient for your needs and your scars. He will anoint you with oil. The anointing oil be upon you now.

One thought on “T.D. Jakes sermon on God’s grace

    nanbut said:
    October 25, 2011 at 2:30 pm

    i understood that the blood of Jesus covers our nakedness and not expose us. o what a wonderful revelation to me.


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