Dreams: Do dreams come from God or Satan?

 Memorise: “For the idols have spoken vanity, and the diviners have seen a lie, and have told false dreams…” (Zech 10: 2a)Read: Genesis 37:5-11

By Pastor E. Adeboye


Dreams come from God, Satan, self and activities surrounding the dreamer. Usually, God gives dreams to His people – dreams of greatness, prosperity, guidance success, etc. God has a purpose for giving you a dream. Satan also has a purpose for coming behind your dreams. It could be to confuse, deceive, mislead or destroy. Be wary of satanic dreams.

Always subject such dreams to the searchlight of God’s Word and probing fiery prayer. The Lord asked a brother to go and marry while he was preparing for his post-graduate studies. Being a diehard doer of God’s will, he obliged and began to seek God’s face concerning who he should marry. Within a month, he was quite sure as God used different ways to communicate the answer to him, including dreams.

By the time he was certain of the sister, the Lord asked him to immediately propose to the sister who was far away. He pleaded for a few more days and promised to go the following week. A night before his trip, he dreamt of another lady. He wondered what that meant. By the following day, he boarded an airbus and surprisingly sat beside the lady he saw in his dream.

She was very friendly and accommodating. They chatted as if they had known each other all along. During that trip, Satan began to tell him this was his rightful wife. How else could he have seen her in the dream? Thoughts ran through his mind. He felt he should go and know where she lived and continue from there.

So they both exchanged cards. Internally, he was not at ease but the devil told him he met the pretty lady by divine arrangement. As the airbus landed, and they were to part, two people came to receive him. A man came to receive the lady and kissed her in such a way that he knew she was either engaged or married. It was then the scales fell off his eyes and he faced his mission. I

f you are not careful, you could be deceived. Always pray with your heart whenever you have a satanic dream. Remember, satanic dreams will always negate God’s will and Word.


Father, expose every satanic dream to me and help me to overcome them in Jesus’ Name.

5 thoughts on “Dreams: Do dreams come from God or Satan?”

  1. im newly born again and i want 2 know how 2 norture my new religion.i want 2 b able 2 hear d voice of God inside of me so ill nt b led astray again.wt do i do 2 achieve this?


  2. Is the story about the man looking for his wife a true story, or is it just a fictious example? Just wondering


  3. Depends on what else was in the content of the dream about meeting another woman. It could have been a warning from God.


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