God’s will: O Lord what is your will for me?

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Dr. D.K. Olukoya

Jer. 33:3

Prayers to enable you take the right decision on any issue

To make you know the mind of God on any particular issue.

To determine whether a particular thing is God’s choice for you.

To discover secret things beneficial or detrimental to a particular issue. The only thing that can secure peace, joy and happiness for you amidst turbulence and vicissitudes of life is to see to know the ill of God ion all areas of your life and to follow it.


Confessions Dan 2:22: He revealeth the deep and secret things he knoweth what is in the darkness and the light dwelleth with him.


  1. Thank God for the revelation of the power of Holy spirit.
  2. O God, to whom no secret is hidden, make known unto me whether…. (mention the name of the thing)
  3. O Lord, remove from me any persistent buried grudges, enmity against anyone and every other things that can block my spiritual vision.
  4. Let every idol present consciously or unconsciously, in my heart concerning this issue be melted away by the fire of the Holy spirit.
  5. O Lord, give unto me the spirit of revelation and wisdom in the knowledge of you.
  6. O Lord, remove spiritual cataract from my eyes

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