Prayers against Dream attacks: Do you eat in the dreams?


Dr. D.K. Olukoya

2 Corinthians 13:5: “Examine yourselves whether ye be in the faith; prove your own selves, how that Jesus Christ is in you, except ye be reprobates”.

If we are effective Christians we will know. If we are stagnant we will know. We need to be honest with ourselves. We need to prove ourselves.

  1. Let all rivers, trees, forest, evil companions, evil pursuers, pictures of dead relatives, snakes, spirit husbands, spirit wives and masquerades manipulated against me in the dream be completely destroyed by the power in the blood of the Lord Jesus.
  2. I command every evil plantation in my life, come out with all your roots, in the name of Jesus! (lay your hands on your stomach and keep repeating the emphasized area)
  3. Evil stranger in my body, come all the way out of your hiding places in the name of Jesus
  4. I disconnect any conscious or unconscious  linkage with demonic caterers, in the name of Jesus
  5. Let all avenue of eating or drinking spiritual poisons be closed, in the name of Jesus
  6. I cough out and vomit any food eaten the table of the devil, in the name of Jesus. (Cough them out and vomit them in faith. Prime the expulsion.)

64 thoughts on “Prayers against Dream attacks: Do you eat in the dreams?

  1. Pastor God bless you, give you devine power and grace in Jesus name amen. I have been experiencing this problem in my dream for a long period of time.
    1. Eating in the dream every day.
    2. Appearing in the village and in the family where i live when i was a child and doing tedious
    in the dream. How am i going to overcome this phenomena in my dream. It pains me and
    bothers me a lot.

  2. Pastor God bless you, give you devine power and grace in Jesus name amen. I have been experiencing this problem in my dream for a long period of time.
    1. Eating in the dream every day.
    2. Appearing in the village and in the family where i live when i was a child and doing tedious
    works in the dream. How am i going to overcome this phenomena in my dream. It pains me and
    bothers me a lot.

  3. Pastor,
    God bless you. i and my wife have being experiencing this menace for quit somedays now, not untill this morning that i google my problem and find some prayer points to counter attack the plan of the enermy.

  4. i would like the prayer support from you people of GOD because i am in anguish i suffering from the night mare dreams . dreaming about dead children and eating foods with them

  5. Alina
    Pastor thank you very much because i find my self eating in the dream even last night please pray for me i find it even difficult to wake up at midnight to pray remember me in your prayers.

  6. Pastor please pray for me I keep on dreaming of eating in the dream and spirit husband,please sir pray for me that God should delever me and set me free in Jesus name.

  7. Pastor plz pray for me, I need delieverance, I eat in the dreams every seconds i close my eyes to rest, I see my self in my childhood days, I also find myself in my primary/sec/university days, this represent stagnancy, plz help me to overcome this. I need God’s favour, future partner and progress. Thanks

  8. Pastor pls help me pray against every spirit of stagnancy,eating in d dream ,spirit husband and seeing myself in myself frm d school were v graduated frm or village.God bless u sir.

  9. am dreaming about dead people and eating food in the dreams and seeing the living witch during all this issues .please pray for me to break this issues.

  10. i keep on dreaming of ppl i knw feeding but after this prayr i believe and have faith that all shall end has ended every evil but pleasr keep me posted with verses

  11. Pastor i appreciate your effort towards your members. I need serious prayer, i always find myself eating in the dream and seeing myself in primary/secondary school and this baffles me alot.

  12. Pastor your prayers have been of grate help to me.any time i dream,be it for good or evil i will simply google inline with the nature of my dreams and i get results instantly.thank you pastor

  13. pastor thanks for the message..i ve this problem of eating in my dream it has really affected my life please pray 4 me so as this ll be no more in my life i believe its done in my life amen

  14. I am Chukwudi Godson U,
    I saw myself eating in the dream today, but i have prayed the prayers above believing God I know it will never have effect in in Jesus Name Amen.

    Please help me pray against it.

  15. i can pray for people that have this experience and it will stop but my own seize to stop, it is a continuous experience especially when i am expecting something good which i have already notice, please help me out

  16. Hi I am a muslim and there isnt a night for months that i have not dreamt of eating food. Sometimes meat sometimes not. I started saying prayers from the quran but nothing stops them, i noticed it only happens after i sleep after fajr time which is morning prayer time. I know i have witchcraft on me, i also see various people doing weird things, i used to get snakes and dogs chasing me but soemtimes i would kill them. Unfortunately muslim scholars dont see eating in dreams as anything significant but i know it means something.

  17. Pastor please pray for me against eating in the dream even when am having a little sleep at noon

  18. my name is adjarho,
    pastor please help me pray against eating in the dream, when ever i want to receive success in my financial life, this dreams comes in, i have fasted and prayed sometimes it stops and comes back again, please i need help from Jesus, Jesus needs to hear me and have mercy on me

  19. Dear Daddy, pray for me, I have been eating in the dream for the past seven years which has cause major setback to my business. I need true deliverance.

  20. I need prayer against eating in the dream. Also, I need prayer for fruits of womb. God bless you sir

  21. pastor i need your prayer because i discoverd i have been eating food in dream and it has setback and limitaion to my life. How can i overcome it. My name is oseni monday

  22. gudday sir, since 2009,something entered my neck and it got hooked up till happened in my village. its .torments often i.dnt understand,pls i nid a perfect deliverance,

  23. I have been eating in my dreams please pray for me

    My business has a major setback because of this
    Please man of God pray for me


  24. am segun, eating in the dream and wandering in forest has been the battle am facing for many years.I did both self and corporate deliverance even in one of branches.But, i discovered that the more i pray the more i eat in the dream. please, i need just a word from you as God’s servant to an end to this menace and harrassment.Thanks sir!More GRACE

  25. Pastor plz pray 4 me against every spirit of stagnancy, eating in d dream, spirit husband and myself in my village in d dream, pastor i need favour, future parther and progress. Thks

  26. I just lost my my two elders brother and sister this year 2014 and I eat in the dream I donot want to eat in the dream again either die just the way my brother and sister die

  27. I appreciate the word of God in my life.The devil is a lier.Everyday I used to eat in my dream.Pls help me in prayer.Though,am a muslim,but I believe prayer is the key.I really need dis prayer with my condition.

  28. Pastor i am happy to go through your key prayers, when ever there’s progress, i found myself eating in the dream, pls what’s the sign, is this a good one, pls i need ur prayers Pastor to stop all future disappointments. Help me and God bless You Sir.

  29. Pls sir,i has become a tragic experience every night, eating in the dream and forgetting my dreams when i wake up,sir i need a permanent solution to that problem cos its affecting my spiritual life as well.sir may God continue to bless u for u and strengthen u ijn,amen


  31. Dad, I have been eating in the dream for the past 10 years and is affecting my progress and bringing delay to my progress. Kindly assist in Jesus name to pray for me and bring an end to this attack.

  32. I thank jesus for he has done alot for me, i know and i believe that my problem is over.

  33. I c myself eating in dreams. Now I’m fed in dreams. I no longer use my hand to eat. When I wake up, I feel something uncomfortable in my throat. I have printed many of your prayers which I use to pray for myself. I have fasted and prayed the prayers for 40 days now. There have been many dreams and revelations to me in this period. I read your undiluted ways in dealing with words and things of GOD. Pls help me to achieve my total breakthroughs. I promised to do something for GOD which I will testify through MFMM if HE does for me what I begged HIM in my business that has crippled for long. PLS n PLS help me. Thanks for making your prayers availble for us. May GOD Bless you all and MFMM abundantly in JESUS’ name amen. THANKS.

  34. Sir , have been experiencing eaten and drinking in my dreams almost everyday and each time I fed up and thinking evil one have planted bad things to my life , and for some years back till now , have been experiencing delayed in my academics spending almost eight years in university and still there just because of financial setback and no one be of help despite I tried all I could to overcome this …. I find it not easy sir . Pls want can I do sir and need your word to overcome this . Thanks sir

  35. Please sir pray for me I usually fine myself in my fathers compound in the village where I lived before with my parents. This usually happens when I’m on my period and during my ovulation I find myself eating in the dream.been married for years now no children. Help me Man of God

  36. I dreamt when i bought a drink and i started taking it, only for a colique whom am not friendly with to come requesting for a sip only to find out that what i’ve been taking is body spray and i woke up. ,Since then ive been spiting and feelling uncomfortable. Pls i need an interpretation of that dream. and i have already made some prayers as provided with Dr D K Olukoya. pls help

  37. im posting this to help people who are siffering like me..ive been eating in my dreams since 2013 and not inly eating sometimes I feel like they are opening my mouth n put food inside when am a sleep.they force me to swallow n my stomach used to swell and I used to diarrhea n I used to feel theres something in my throat but when I joined mfm I I’ve been praying and fasting each month ive been doing a dry fast for 3days and I used to get relief.I was ..going for vigil each night that begins from 11 to 1 oclock then we sleep in church n go home the next day…this is a battle that no pastor will deliver you from can only deliver yourself its why I give thanks to mfm because they teach you how to pray for yourself.when I do dry fast it desappeares for a while then it comes back again so if you have this problem you have to do a dry fast its the way out you wnt die if you do it ive done it several times almost each month and it helped me and now that ive travelled to europe and the place I live mfm is like 4 and a half hours to go by train and its 120 euros going and coming back so I dnt go oftenly and now I feel like the problem is coming back bt by the grace of God I know ill win

  38. What I like about this comment is the phrase…..’this is a battle no pastor will deliver you from can only deliver yourself…’

  39. thanks having same problem too. I see myself eating comfortably in my dream. Now I have waist pain and finding it difficult to conceive, my spirit told me to join mfm. I think that my next move now. Though I pray at night, any night I don’t pray I encounter this ugly experience. God set me free

  40. Goodmorning sir,daddy pls pray for me i always eat in the dream,and sometime see my self at our old house,my secondary school,writing exams dnt finish it.i want God to set me free from the impart this dreams

  41. Good Sir,Please,pray for me,I used to eat in my dream and I used to see myself in my village and like a small child,I was born a Muslim, But I have converted to Christian ,I suffered a lot of setback in my life even now,my name is Lola Adesina,God bless you Sir

  42. pastor God Bless U and enrich u the more….I dreamt that I ate in d dream few days back and was shocked in my dream,but somehow In d dream I told myself I can’t swallow dis so I started vomiting d food(meat) in my mouth and hitting my stomach so that any swallowed food can come out too…I just came across this prayer points and I have exercised my Faith by praying and am Believing God that every yoke is broken in Jesus name

  43. Just like a sister said ” No pastor can deliver you, you will be the one to deliver yourself”. This phrase is the truth,however, “the delivering of yourself” is vague too, for it is only by in-filling of the holy-spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues that makes you be overcomer.

    And the major problem is many churches are not stressing this in-filling of the holy spirit practically, but that is the only way out. You cannot stop satanic agents by yourself or series of deliverance it’s the holy spirit that can do that. Personally speaking, since I have been a believer for so long, I just had just “a taste of the holy spirit in 2012″ . I said a taste because the lord told me some of us need laying of the hand of a true anoited man of God before we can ” burst forth” like a mighty rush of wind or water. Acts 2v4. Laying of hands Act 19v6.

    However, most of anoited men of God are afraid to lay hands and the one in need of laying hand too must be careful of who laid hand on their heads. Satan knows the church has deviated and that is why it looks like he is
    winning. Most Christian all over the world have the same complaint whichis satanic oppression. However, withcraft oppression is more of African region due to culture, tradition Idolatry and poverty of everything and current world frustrations. Many household currenly has one or more satanic agent initiated to deal with Christianity.

    The way out is- be very thirsty for the infilling of the holy spirit and pray that the lord should send you to the church that he will use to fill you. When you seek the church out, be sure to fast dry for at least 2 days. The experience of course are different for you may need laying of hand or not. In my case, I fasted for 2 days, the 3rd day was power must change hand at MFM NY and I went with no food for the 3rd day and during praise worship as soon as the pastor started speaking in tongue from the alter, I was hit from my belly like a rushing water from hour glass, I started crying, my lips started moving, I could not control my body/ being, I knew something was wrong with me but I could not stop, the voice/ tongue refused to come though @ that time as the lord only showed me a taste of what I will experience and has told me I need someone to pull me UP for me to burst forth.

    But since the experiece, I was able to hear the holy spirit without” only dreams” and he has helped me in the fight against satan though I have not overcome all yet but my spiritual life is better. Equally, what he is saying to us is that we need fire if we want to totally overcome.And this is what pastor Olukoya stress every day. If you live abroad it’ s hard to have extreme spirituallity, if all you do is work and die. The lord helped me in that too. I stop working 5 days a week so I can pray during the day and at nite. If you ask the lord he will help you. If you live in Nigeria be very obedient and truthful to the lord and he will help you. Christianity is a Military faith.
    Remain Blessed.

  44. Pastor God bless you, give you devine power and grace in Jesus name amen. I have been experiencing this problem in my dream for a long period of time.not untill this morning that i google my problem and find some prayer points
    1. Eating in the dream every day.
    2 dreaming about dead people
    3 spirit wife and having sex in my dream and seeing mosquerade,
    4 Appearing in the village and in the family where i live when i was a child and doing tedious works in the dream. How am i going to overcome this phenomena in my dream. It pains me and
    bothers me a lot.

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