Deliverance sermons: Deliverance from the pits of darkness

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Babatope Babalobi

The message the Holy Spirit has for us this week is dwells on the pits of life. Just like the earlier message on ‘Destroying spiritual viruses’ <a

I like to specially appeal to any one reading or hearing this message to read it seriously, study it carefully, meditate on it diligently, and with understanding.

This is because by the grace of God, I am not writing it by flesh or blood but by the spirit of God. By the grace of God, this message is for five categories of people.A couple of days ago, the spirit of God took me in the version of Prophet Ezekiel in Ezekiel 8 vs. 8 to behold the abominations that are committed in the coven by the powers of darkness. I saw myself being led in a dream into a pit.

1. This message is for people who noticed that they seem to be struggling against a force and that no matter how hard they try or how good their efforts, they find it difficult to succeed.
2. This message is for anyone experiencing stagnancy for a long time and finds it difficult to go forward in life
3. The message is also for those who have noticed that they have been restricted and limited in achievement
4. The message is for any one in any uncomfortable situation, but has for it difficult for years to change or move out of that situation.

5. In summary, this message is for all those who’s their glories have been caged or imprisoned.

The entrance of the pit was very narrow and could not possibly take two people at the same time.

There are stairs down the pit, and you can only descend into the pit with the aid of a stair case.
I noticed that as we went inside through the tunnel down earth, I could not go in by my self, and my spiritual guide lowered me inside and came down to join me. There are various levels you have to reach before reaching the basement, and to reach each level, we used the same technique of using a stair case to descend down wards.

Soon, we reached a place spacious place underground.

Here I saw some people behind what looked like mortal guns releasing bullets from the basement to the surface of the earth.

As I stood there wondering where I was and watching what was going on, a man accosted me and said: ‘what are you going here man of God? Have you also been captured into the pit ’? Before I could make a response, my guide answered and said: ‘No we cannot not be captured, we are here to see the secrets of the powers of darkness!’

Immediately, I woke up from my sleep, and realised I was really being shown a vision. As I meditated, I tried to recollect several things from the incident.

1. First, this pit that I have just visited is underground,, below the surface of the earth
2. The pit is hidden and ordinarily people do not know of its existence.
3. The entrance to the pit is very narrow, and you cannot enter it un aided
4. People descend into the pit of life through steps.
5. The pit is deep, very deep under the surface of the earth
6. The pit is managed by powers of darkness
7. Now – the most important discovery- Inside this man hole , this deep pit, persons are held captive and from what I saw ,it is physically impossible for a captured person to escape back to earth.

As I continued meditating on this interesting discovery, I decided to study the bible to find one if there is a spiritual basis for the vision I have seen. Was it the Holy Spirit that was really showing secrets of dark powers to me or it was it a demon that was showing me a movie?

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5 thoughts on “Deliverance sermons: Deliverance from the pits of darkness

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    Parminder said:
    June 3, 2009 at 3:46 pm

    Hello Brother,
    Praise the Lord,

    I am a born again believer, saved from a Sikh family in Delhi, India.
    I have subscribed to your site and ofetn feel benefitted by prayers.

    My request:

    I am facing financial lack since many years now. No business succeeds,
    no job stays, no business opportunity is converted in success, its as
    if something comes at last moment and stops my financial blessings. I
    am married now and have a small kid, still i have to ask money from my
    parents, my dad is retired. This is very humiliating and embarassing
    that i am out of work, i am a financial failure. people , friends,
    relatives make fun of me. I have prayed deliverance prayers for
    financial breakthroughs on your site.

    Will you please please pray with burden for my financial blessings to
    open up, and flow freely? Its as if a stop has been put on my
    finances. Its very distressing and disturbing. I have full faith in
    your prayers. Please help me dear brother in Christ.

    (Also please pray for my complete deliverance from Alcohol, i try to
    stay off it but then after some months again, desire comes)

    I am sending this prayer request with a heavy heart, not knowing what
    to do now, but i have full hope that with your prayers, and God’s
    blessings, i will see financial success soon.

    I will eagerly wait for your reply dear brother.
    May God bless you , your ministry in abundance. amen.

    your brother in Christ

    phone: 09818181229


    beatrice mukhwana said:
    August 4, 2009 at 5:44 pm

    Dear Bro Babalobi,
    Am Kenyan and am blessed by this message sooooo much.
    According to the descriptions given at the top of the sermon I think I fit in all.
    My life has been like one in cage to be precise Joshua6:1. I believe that just reading this message am delivered by the Blood of Jesus Christ from every pit. I command every pit that is holding my destiny breakthroughs to spit them out In JESUS NAME. Amen


    babalobi responded:
    August 5, 2009 at 6:58 pm



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