Christian prayers for excellence spirit, wisdom and exam success

Dr. D.K Olukoya

Psalm 113:5,7-8: who is like unto the Lord our God, who dwelleth on high He raiseth up the poor out of the dust and lifteth the needy out of the dunghill; that he may set him with princes, even with the princes of his people.
The scriptures says, “But the that wait upon the Lord shall renew teir strength; they shall be mount up with wings as eagles they shall; run and not be weary and they shall walk and not be faint (Isaiah 40:3)
Prayer points
1. O Lord, transfer, remove or change all human agent that are bent on stopping my advancement.
2. O Lord, smoothen my path to the top by your hand of fire.
3. I receive the anointing to excel above my contemporaries, in the name of Jesus.
4. O Lord, catapult me into greatness as you did for Daniel in the land of Babylon.
5. O Lord, help me to identify and deal with any weakness in me that can hinder my progress.

48 thoughts on “Christian prayers for excellence spirit, wisdom and exam success

  1. please pastor remember me as am about to sit for my nclex nursing exam and i did fail once..but am praying for the spirit of excellence to lead me and for me to get this license…in Jesus name..

  2. pls pray that I may pass my national physical therapy exam , I really need to pass this so I can help my family in the philippines. I’m praying for sucess of my exam result this week. May the good Lord grant my request


  3. Sir,i thank God that God is migtly using you for this End-time work against the host of darkness and Satan their father.Also i thank God that i belong to this Ministry.I joined this ministry in the year 2003 December 17.Since then i ve been seing then Hand of God in my life.I joined MFM empty both spiritual and physical emptiness was so evindently manifesting in my life yet iam a born again child of God,i got born again in Gombe during my NYSC year,in the year May 10 1999 and nobody preached to me but as i was i wanted to do what is abominable in the sight of God i heard him saying son i love you if you do it and you get your death sentence what will be my fate, i dropped i wept bitterly and i surrender my life to Christ and later joined a living church in that land in gombe state.that to be done was CODED , sir.

    However i am happy that iam a member of MFM today and more also that you yielded your life to christ to save people like us.

    I got everything when i joined the ministry, i got job after 7 years of joblessness and we had a baby of our own after 5years of marriage in the year 2008 april 16.

    Iam so very very much happy to have talk to you on line.

    my prayer is God will not be tired of using you and you not be tired of fighting the cause of God concerning His creation i.e human being.

    Sir , i need your prayer concerning my mummy,she is on her sick bed suffering from high blood pressure which led to left side to be partially paralised she cant raised her leg but after of the saint on monday she has been raising her left hand and she has a twisted tongue not been to talk perfetly and God should silenced or be killed the witches of my father’s house and my in-law’s house. i know that one day i will have a hand shake with you.

    Do you know sir we are putting a call to you the day my wife is to gave birth to our baby Girl called,IniOluwa,Oluwatofunmi,Olamide,Miracle,Joanna,Oluwarantimi,the daugther of God,Jesus and Holy Spirit.As we are diong that she just called that she has given birth,this ws done by me and your humble friend mrs Moluga,aka big mummy.

    Yours in His Vineyard,

    NB this is my testimony from God.

  4. Man of God pls remember me in prayers i’m about sitting for my final exams as an undergraduate. Thanks

  5. Man of God, sir, pls pray for me because i’m taking my ND1 first simester exam that as am written it for the first time i will not experence failure. I need divine memory from above.

  6. please pray that i get all the work done tonight for my exams 2mrw and that i remember it all and am able to finish in time for not only this exam but the other 2 that are upcoming on friday 14 and thursday 20th thank you

  7. Please pray that as I write my exam in maths for economics this summer that I’ll excel Jesus Mighty name. Also please pray that I achieve a first class degree by the end of 2011, pray also that let not my efforts be in vain and that God crowns all my efforts in the name of Jesus….AMEN…

  8. Please God’s servant help me and pray to God to grant me success in my examination as i awaits it and also that i should gain admission into the university

  9. Dear brother in Christ, pray for me as I prepare for my 2nd proffessional examinations in MBBS. This is the name of course to become doctor in India.

  10. Sir please pray for my daughter to pass her 11+ exams with outstanding success and secure a place in the schools of my choice In JESUS NAME.

  11. please pray for my daughter Alice and her classmate to write exams and pass and make it to our local universities. Pray for God to give her wisdom and strength at this time

  12. I am just a grade nine student, and I visited your site for the help of excellence of my studies. Please.. pray for me to rank first. I really wanted and need this. My parents and my whole family are expecting from me. Being the the top one of the class will really help me achieve what I want to be. I want my parents and my family appreciate what I”ve worked hard for. So pleaseeee.. I need your prayers. in Jesus name. AMEN.:)

  13. Man of God, please i need your prayer for success in the international english language tests i just wrote. l have failed it several times before but i need it to practice as a medical doctor in Australia.Thanks and God bless you.

  14. Please father remember me in prayers ……i am in need of prayers …i need to suceed in my examinations ,all my family members are looking at me to succeed this time and its high time i did privious exams havent been so go and the last jamb i wrote this year was screened because i enduldged in malpractice …the waec i wrote i wrote mostly on my own even thoe i accepted a little help from my fellow student in the hull is still counted as malpractice and the result in not out yet others have seen theirs ,yet i havent seen mine …scince my jamb result was screened i have dicieded to give up any form of malpractice ..i am bright when i read and i have been reading hard for my forth coming gce and i pray to God almighty to grant me success retentive memory and wisdom …i also pray that God should realise my waec result ….and let it come out in flying colours ……all this i ask through jesus christ my lord and saviour …..please pray for me father .. form

  15. Please pray that I pass my written exam tomorrow (August 26, 2011) so that I can move on the next hiring phase.

  16. Sir, I am sending this prayer request to you.

    I would like you to pray for my son Lebone as he will be sitting for his JC exams on Monday.. I am asking The Lord almighty to take him along to succeeding these exams. And for the place to be secured at the right senior schools of my choice I know that with this reuest the path will be clear in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ.

  17. Please pray for my IT and economics exam that God will bring rememberance and that I will be confident and will achieve what I want to achieve.

  18. Please help us pray for my daughter’s success in the Japan’s Center Test Examination this coming January 14 and 15, 2012. She needs to pass this examination for her to be accepted in the national university. We cannot afford to send her in private university and this is her only chance to make her dream to pursue course to help alleviate poverty in the third world countries.

    She is not Japanese and she needs miracles to pass the all-Japanese exam.

    Please include her on your prayers.

  19. Pls pastor i need your prayers to pass this jamb am about to take in march 2012 i shal pas wit suces in jesus name amen!

  20. sir i want to pray for me about my post ume and i want to be admmited this month.

  21. Dear Brotheren,
    I have appeared for a job exam and clearing this exam I have to pass one more test and thereafter interview on passing second test. Please, please pray for me to get this job. I do believe, God will not abandon me and will reward me with this job which will help me from all my fears. God has planned for me everything and i thank & praise him for everything he has given me & brought my life in track and also sure he will bless me forever.

  22. am a nursing student in Ghana and i want you to help me pray towards my exams tomorrow. that i would be successful in all my papers and also concerning my walk with GOD…i pray for the desire to seek the face of the LORD more,,AMEN

  23. please pray with me. when i feel so much connected to jesus, this tempetation of porn and musturbation comes along.i want to stop this. please help me stop this am so disturbed

  24. sir, wherever you are, i want you speak a positive word to my life bcos i am confused of my present situation. i am going down spiritually and academiclly.

  25. Sir, please keep my son Sid Agarwal in your prayers. He is in med school first semester. Please pray for him to excel in his exams and especially to understand is tough for him. May Jesus open his mind and he understands the course. In Jesus,mother Mary name…thankyou.

  26. please pastor iam so happy . i pray that GOD will make me to come out in distinction for my NDII 1 SEMENTER EXAM

  27. Please Brethren, pray for me as i go to sit for a test of my dream job. I need God’s divine favor to be outstanding in the test and subsequent interviews. May this job not pass me by in Jesus Name. Thanks a lot.

  28. Dear Pastor, please help me in prayers as I am about to write my licensing exams in coming November. Thanks Very Much….!!!

  29. Sir, plz pray for me l’m my first semester ND1 examination coming tuesday nd i’ve written down a declaration of my result, I’m praying that what I have declared should be my testimony in Jesus Glorious Name!! Amen… and my Friends in Jesus Name ..

  30. Praise God. Please pray with me to pass my exams to be written this month and to get devine knowdge to write my research proposal and dissertation.


  31. please help me in prayer today is the day i write my final exam. i want GOD to interfere.


  33. Pastor my names are A. O. Please in the name of GOD pastor i want to help me in prayers for sins i have commited and that he should forgive me, and pray for exam that i am going start tomorrow and for my interview that i am going to do soon and also my for my girlfriend that left me for another man, i want GOD to bring are back to me, bcos i love her with all my heart and i want to marriey her in has my wife in the future AMEN.

  34. First of all God bless you sir and strengthen you am writing an exam and I don’t want to repeat it again cause I know that those that trust in the Lord shall not be put to shame do pray for me cause I want to have a testimony

  35. Pastor please pray dat God should intervain in my examination dre should be no carry over, d lord should grant me wisdom knowledge and understanding and retentive memory dis semester result should be d best and @ d end of my programme God should give me a testimony

  36. Pls pastor i need prayer, for my coming joint examination and post utme, prayer to make it, by power of thy lord, that i will come out with fine result

  37. Please sir,man of god please pray for me on the behalf of my upcoming jamb I wanted to write for the fist time that I shall make good score on it.

  38. Daddy, please pray for my daughter for her examination coming on the 7th-11th march, 2016 to pass her SS1 examination with outstanding success in Jesus. I pray God Almighty strenght, retentive memory and wisdom at this time in Jesus Name.

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