Prayers for marriage- Let God intervene and restore my marriage



Bishop T.D. Jakes 

Lord, can there be revival in our marriage? How can something that started out so fresh now seem so stale? I am torn between all the wear. Our intimacy has lost its spontaneity and our love feels canned and uncreative. I need you to break through the veil of politeness that hides our hushed frustration.

            Give me the grace to forgive the things that seem insensitive  in my husband. Give me strength and creativity, patience and humility. Make my heart race with the passion and affection that once came so freely. Please, father teaches me how to be a good wife. Bind us together.

  I must realize that I will always love an imperfect person, and so will he. Maybe I am learning how you really love me as I reach out to this man who doesn’t always seem in touch with where I am. I see that you love me when I am out of touch with you.

             Most of all, Lord, make me like you. Hover over us.  Fashion me fro my husband and him for me. Breathe fresh like into our love and allow us to be friends again, to laugh and play again. I miss the way it’s used to be. Take us back, dear Lord. Take us back. Than you for knowing what to do with our hearts. I believe there will be change because of you.

48 thoughts on “Prayers for marriage- Let God intervene and restore my marriage”

  1. God’s love never fades, and his mercies are new every morning. Only God can restore what has been lost , let go, and let God. Amen. Thanks for the encouragement.

  2. ppray with me to restore my marriage a marriage of many many many years i truly missed him and my heart bleeds for me pray for me in the name of the almighty name of jesus christ


  4. Pray that my marraige doesnt end, I have taken for granted the kind sweet loving husband that God has given me. I have been a horrible wife mentally. I abused Gods blessing to me and took advantage of the man that God sent to me. I love this man, for several years I did not show love towards him. I need prayer that God will restore the love that he has for me and let him see that I want to be the woman that he has wanted me to be for so many years. I claim it in Gods name, I know it’s done. I’m ready to start my family and be the wife and mother that God wants me to me. Thanks in advance for your prayers!!!!!

  5. Please pray that my marriage does not end. My husband works out of state and has recently starting seeing another women. We have been married for along time and I have not been the best wife I could be. Im asking for prayer for myself also for a change in me. I claim my marriage is restored in the name of Jesus! Thank you

  6. Please help me pray for my marriage I have been married for six years my husband started by having an affair then he wanted to end the marriage out of frustration I started to have an affair as well he moved out of our matrimonial home and refuses to come back I love him dearly,pray that God forgive me for my un faithfulness an bring my husband back home and pray that I forgive him•I need my husband back he is a good man who fell into temptations please pray to restore my marriage

  7. Please pray for the love, respect, commitment, and trust to be restored on an even deeper level in my marriage. I pray that my husband and I will draw closer to God and lean on Him everyday. I ask this in Jesus’ Holy Name, AMEN!


  9. My marriage is in trouble, my husband has been unfaithful and insensitive about my feelings, he also likes to lime a little to much he took me for granted i need him heavenly father to be more of a family person, a faithful and committed husband to the kids and i. Lord God I love him very much and want our marriage to work in Jesus name i pray through you for help.

  10. Mickey

    I pray every day in so many different ways. i dont know how things got to this. My wife must have pleaded with me to stop drinking so many times. i always told her i would and she went on pretending everything was ok. and i slowly but surely started drinking again and again. she swore it was the last time more than once. I pushed her to her breaking point, she says she dont know who she is, she cant pretend anymore. she said its not even about the drinking anymore. all those nights she went to sleep while i was downstairs drinking, we have grown apart. it took all this to open my eyes. but she is scared to love me. she is scared to hurt again. i am torn a part inside. i love my wife Misty. i took her for grantid. I love her with all my heart and soul. i know she still loves me but she says she dont feel it anymore. please tell me its not too late because i wont believe it. Please pray for my wife Misty and I

    Please Lord God reach your hand out to us. Let the Holy Spirit guide us. Give our broken hearts the strength to love again. please help us find ourselves and to find you in each other. Teach us respect, humility, kindness and show us love. Comfort our weary hearts. Give us the strength to fight what pulled us apart. Let us not stray away, always working on today, bring us together we pray. With your grace please help save our marriage. AMEN

  11. Dear Jesus,
    i know we didnt get here over night. i know its gonna take some time. Pleas forgive me for my lies. forgive me for my self centeredness. forgive me for the pain hurt and suffering i have caused. Protect us from those who would have our marriage destroyed and fill our bodies with the strength to do what is right and just. Mend our broken hearts. Lend us your hand and walk with us. Talk to us>. Give us your guidence that we may do what is right. Bring us together to walk the same path with you. Open our hearts to love. An unconditional love like your love. Bless our marriage. Return the joy that has left our hearts.

  12. Dear Lord,
    please intervene in out marriage.We need you everlasting love to refresh our marriage and make it the union that you meant it to be. In Jesus’s name. We need you divine intervention.

  13. please pray that god restores my marriage. i am on the verge of getting a divorce my wife has already talked to the lawyer. so i am praying that god moves and defeats the spirit of divorce and i plead the blood of jesus christ on my marriage so that it will be restored. i know god is going to move so just pray with me thank you.

  14. Dear GOD ALMIGHTY please help me so that my wife will take me back into her life as her husband and friend and let me come home to my family. I took her for granted and I’m sorry. Help me so that she can regain the trust and respect she once had for me. Remind her of the loving relationship we once had and open her heart and mind to me. I cannot bare the pain of knowing that I may grow old and die without her in my life as my loving wife. Please restore our marriage before its to late and she meets someone else or never lets me back in. She wants to start a new life. I need divine intervention. Please help me God in the name of the blood and love of your only begotten son Jesus Christ.

    Please pray for me.

  15. Dear God Almighty please help me. I need to be back with my family.
    In the name of your beloved son Jesus.

  16. Please all of the failth filled belivers intercessory prayer warriors all who know the power of prayer. My husband and I have been together for four years and been marrried for four months today. On 10/16/2011 my husband and I go into a bad arguement where it go physical and her threw is cell phone at me, hit me hard with a pillow and tried to smother me with the pillow. The police was called and he turned himself in the next day. We have not seen each other since then accept at church, but no contact. At times I want to blame myself, but I can’t take the blame for his behavior. I admit my faults can confess my sins to the Lord and ask the Lord to forgive me and my husband. I truly love my husband unconditonally. Please pray for me and husband to restore our marriage and family. It’s only been four months since we said I DO! God move in a mighty way, pour out your spirit on us as well as the other couples are going through. I want my husband back, but back as a new creature in Christ Jesus! Inspite of what he did, I have a heart of forgivness and love.

  17. I beleive we should be declareing these words and Prayers over our marriage even when things are “just wonderful”

  18. Its 8 mos later and my wife still wants nothing to do with me. God please help me. I adore my wife and three children and do not want to be without them. Part of the reason my wife has no respect for me other than drinking too much and taking her for granted was our financial problems. I have applied for jobs that are substantial in order to to meet my financial obligations but still no luck. I pray that I can secure this job as a sales rep for a diagnostic lab. I hope that if I can secure this position, it will be the pathway back home. Please pray for me, I miss my family. God please hear my prayers in the name of Jesus. Please pray that my wife Maureen will forgive me and that her heart will soften and find the love she once had for me.
    Can anyone tell me something positive or that their prayers have been answered after your spouse has told you they no longer love you. i am very sad, lonely and afraid.

  19. I am Alfred, its been just 6 month of my marriage with my wife Charulatha, i love my wife a lot, I took care of her very well, bought her all the gifts, but a couple of months back she left me after a minor argument, and went to her parents house, all the efforts to convince her to come back did not yield any result, now she and her parents are going for a divorce, and get her married to her ex-boy friend Micheal ,I do not want divorce, I want my wife back, I love her more than any thing else,

    Please pray that her Ex-boyfriend Micheal go away from her and here family, please pray that God do some miracle and have my wife come back to me
    I am very depressed, please pray that God to speak to my wife and my in-laws, and make her come back to me, Nothing is impossible for God, please pray that God should grant my Prayer

    In Christ

  20. Lord, please have mercy on us and save my marriage. Please open my husband’s heart and mind to reconcilliation. We are separated and he says he wants a divorce, that we want for different things and that he doesn’t want to work on the marriage. I love him and miss him very much. I suffered from a health condition all last year and I turned away from God and made life hard for my husband at home. I feel shame. I know we can work it out and have a great marriage if only my husband would want to make the effort. Please Lord, guide me and send my husband the guidance he needs to turn towards you and our marriage. Amen.

  21. i have been married for 6 tears my husband said he wasnt happy and didnt want to be married anymore,i pray to go to bring him back to me cast the demons out of him and heal his hardend heart

  22. I’m asking you guys to pray for me and my husband. We are in the process of getting a divorce and I don’t want to go thru with it. I haven’t been showing him and being the wife and mother that I’m supposed to be. I want him to come back to me. I wanna learn to communicate with him. Lord I need you to restore my marriage. I’m putting everything in your hands. I just want him to come back to me. I need you to teach me how to be the wife that he needs. Please give the strength to come back to me. Put it in his heart to forgive me and allow me to come back home to him. Please pray for me, I just want my husband back to me.

  23. my husband and i are going true a divorce .i don,t whant the divorce i am praying for god ti step in and stop the divorce .my husband was the one that file .i am so broken i asking god to save us bring my husband home make him love me again soften his heart for me i ask in jesus name amen

  24. Lord i ask if it is your know the desires of my heart. lord please restore our marriage. please pray for terry and arnold. lord i wait in faith and as i wait father fill me with peace and joy. amen.. please bring our family back togehter for eachother and for our little boy.

  25. Please prey for my wife and I. We have been together for 7 years, married for 5. We have 4 children between us. I had an affair when my wife was pregnant and have been emotionally abusive to her for a long time. She has moved out of our home and has filed for divorce. I pray daily for strength, wisdom, hope, courage, and power to turn everything over to God and for his will to be done. Please pray that God will heal her heart and give her the desire to want to save our marriage

  26. Lord, I’m asking for help in restoring the love and commitment back into my marriage with Ron. I filed for divorce 9 months ago even though I really didn’t want a divorce. Our marriage was in trouble and I felt defeated. I’m asking for you to intervene and help bring our marriage back to a loving,honest, and committed relationship it was. I love Ron with all my heart. I am asking for your forgiveness for not trusting in you in the first place. I was lost.. I feel broken without my husbands commitment to me. Please God, give my husband strength guidance and love in his heart to remain faithful husband to me Michelle, his wife. I promise to be the loving understanding wife that he needs me to be. I pray that you will give me strength to endure the path of uncertainty that I am on now and that you will guide me back to the path of a happy and fruitful marriage. In Christs name, Amen.

  27. Please pray for restoration of my marraige. My husband wanted to separate with me and i found out that he was cheating on me. Pray my husband comes back to the lord and gets convicted of his actions and please come against the demons of lust, adultry,fornication, unforgivenss, anger, seducing spirits, division, and hard heart in my husband. This is very hard for me to be away from my family i need prayer for peace and wisdom to keep walking by faith and for my children as this is hard. thanks so much and may you be blessed beyond measure.

  28. Lord I lift up all of our marriages unto you requesting complete restoration of relationships, with you first, and then between all couples themselves. May husbands and wives forgive one another, leaving the destructive thing(s) to pass away. Father I request that you make all things new in our marriages, a new beginning, a new attitude, a new commitment, a new intimacy, a new trust. Make each of these new creatures as we grow and learn to do better. God I call upon the Agape, unconditional love of God to rest, rule, and reign upon our marriages and within each of us, that the emotion, feeling, attraction, and desire kind of love can be restored and sustained. I come against the work of the enemy through demons, devil, and the very flesh or carnality of humans that each are ineffective, powerless in the destruction of these marriages. I pray your divine protection over these marriages, as each person seeks your kingdom, and your secret place. Lord I pray that each of us will love you with all our hearts, souls, minds. For your word tells us that because we have set our love upon you, you will deliver us (our marriages), and honor us (our marriages), and with long life will you satisfy us. Extend this to include our marriages. Let us learn to wait upon you that we sin not against you or our spouses. I thank you that all things work together for the good of those who love You, and for your glory. So we thank you in advance for your mercy, grace, reconciliation, restoration. Be Ye glorified in our marriages as you make each trophy marriages witnessing the love of God.
    Thank You Jesus…Hallelujah!!!

  29. Lord, I am here asking for the restoration of my marriage. I see my marriage as my sacrament to you and you have blessed it with 3 wonderful children , more than I could have asked for. You blessed it with many good and prosperous years but my husband has turned away, his heart has been hardened, he has endured much and is angry and bitter and these feeling have taken the place of his faith, devotion and love. I ask for you to speak to him, to help him to return to you and his faith. I ask for your continuing help to keep me strong and patient and to rid me of fear and distrust. Lord, hear my prayer as I thank you for my many blessings. Stay with us and guide us.
    With all my love, cindy

  30. I am a man of 46 from Sweden, which is separated from my wife after 17 years of marriage. We have three children together and are both Christians. There has been a lot of problems in the marriage because of all my past problems and my half-hearted relationship with God. Finally got my wife enough and threw me out. After I was thrown out, I turned wholeheartedly to God and started at Bible school and experiencing the wonderful miracles with my personality. God is really working in the depths of my life. Despite of all the miracles I experience, my wife decided to divorce and believes she has married the wrong man. She did not trust in me anymore. We were separated in October 2012. The divorce is going to be a fact May 7 this year if God does not intervenes. Needs a miracle of God.

  31. Pray for my marriage. He had an affair a few years ago, and I loved him through it unconditionally. He is now cheating again I believe. I also have made some mistakes recently in our communication. I still love him dearly. I keep praying for God to restore us back to good. He no longer says he loves me, he will hardly talk to me. I am so devastated. How can I love you unconditionally through an affair, but when I make a mistake he cannot even talk to me. Please pray for us. I pray that God will put his hand on my husbands heart and help him forgive me as I have forgiven him.

  32. i need a miracle prayer for my marriage you see my husband says that he does not love me anymore and wants a divorce now he has moved 700 miles away from me he does not even want to be friends with me anymore i am still very much in love with him and my heart aches everyday for him and the love that we once shared i would give anything in the world if i could get that back again

  33. Please pray for my marriage as my wife has stated it would be better if I was not around.

  34. Marriage restoration for me and Marius my husband who walked out. Need his heart to go from stone to flesh. To know he loves us and needs us. I need a new job I need to become more independent, get a new car get my license and be the independent and responsible wife me needs. I also need to thank God for it will be done in his name because He hates divorce and what the Lord has pot together let no man tear apart. PTL. I would like to prayer for the wisdom, courage, patience and knowledge thar the Lord is carrying my family through this storm and will protect us. Amen

  35. Lord, I’m asking for help in restoring my marriage the love and commitment back into my marriage. Our marriage has been facing some challeges for over three years now, a strange woman took over my marriage for over three year. i’m asking for you to intervene and help bring my husband out of that strange woman charms, and help me bring our marriage back to a loving,honest, and committed relationship it was. I love my husband with all my heart. I feel broken without my husbands commitment to me. Please God, give my husband strength guidance and love in his heart to remain faithful husband to me, his wife. I promise to be the loving understanding wife that he needs me to be. I pray that you will give me strength to endure the path of uncertainty that I am on now and that you will guide me back to the path of a happy and fruitful marriage. In Christs name, Amen.

  36. Jehova God, I pray that you restore love and intimacy in my marriage life to Stella my wife. I love her, i love my family. Rub the thought of that strange man from my wife and make her focus on me and the children.

  37. Please pray for my marriage…I got cancer and my husband turned to drinking. I love him and I still believe in my heart that he loves and misses me but the demons have came in and I need prayer to drive them out of my relationship. It has been 8 months and I love and miss him as much today as I did 8 months ago and my heart keeps telling me that he feels the same. I believe if it was really over these these thoughts and feelings would be gone. please pray for us.

  38. My marriage is in need of a divine intervention.Please pray God works his mercy on us to save our marriage and make us whole again.Let the lines of communication open and US to renew our love.To see each other as God does.To forgive and understand each other’s needs.Lord please work your divine hand on us as well as anyone else who is in need of your healing in Jesus name.

  39. My marriage is in a crisis this is my 14th year in marriage and i have never known happiness in my marriage because of my husband’s infidelity. i ran away and went back to my house after intervention from my parents but he has still persisted in his infidelity. i even suspect that he is married to another woman. when we got married we loved each other so much that i could not imagine that one day our marriage would be in a crisis. Please pray for me.

  40. Father in Jesus I thank you for the life and marriage of Beryl. Thank you for the Resurrection power that restores the marriage now in Jesus name. I speak to the marriage and I command it to be restored by the spirit that quickened Jesus from the grave- Romans 8 vs 11. Her husband shall not have peace until he comes back to in love and faithfulness in Jesus name. I cut off every strange woman in his life in Jesus name. God shall give you a testimony and a hard miracle in Jesus name -Genesis 18 vs 14

  41. Lord I pray for every marriage in this post. Through your Spirit and our power, renew and restore, Resurrect and breath new life into these marriage. Breath new love and new hope. Keep the enemy from steeling, and killing these marriages and families. Please Lord do the same in my marriage and for my family, please remove this cup, but not mine, but Your will be done, For the sake of our boys, please renew love, and restore our marriage to what you have always intended it to be. In Jesus name amen.

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