Pastor Adeboye sermon on thanksgiving and praise

Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his court with praise: be thank unto him,

bless his name” (Ps. 100:4)

Read Psalm 118:1-10

Some year ago, I heard a true story of man who was jailed in America because a woman alleged he raped her. Four years into his jail term, the woman confessed she lied against the man. So the case was re-opened in court. The lawyer of the plaintiff argued that if she lied the first time, what was the assurance that she was not lying this time around. So they returned the man to continue his jail term for a crime he did not commit. Today, there are many in the prison who knows nothing about the crime for which they are imprison. You shall not suffer for what you know nothing about in Jesus Name.

I went to pray for patients in the cancer ward of a hospital one day. I saw a boy who had cancer of the eye. One of his eye balls had become almost as large as half of his head. I also saw a woman with cancer of the breast. One breast had become almost as large as her body. Then I saw one of the female cancer patients singing praises to God and I was surprised. She said she was singing because she knew she was going to die soon and would be going to Heaven. If you die now, where are you going? Some year ago I went to Egypt and the pastor I went to see told me he was going to a place they call the City of the Dead.

There were several graves of those who die during the Second World War. On each grave was a little house built with cellophane, and there lived many who had no money to pay for an accommodation. Once a year, when the relatives of the dead want to visit the graves of their loves ones, these grave residents would move out in the morning and return by evening when those relatives would have left. No matter how had your situation may be financially, you are not living in a grave yard like these ones. This call for thanksgiving. If the cancer patient on her way to death could praise God, what about you?

You have so many reasons to thank God. Imagine your life: good health, family, job or business, daily provision of food, shelter over your head, education qualification, and ministry, God’s grace on your life, God’s bright plan for your future, heavenly reward and eternity in Heaven.

Give God thanks

Source: Pastor Adeboye

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  1. I am new on this site and looking forward to recieving and sharing from other believers. I am from Nairobi, Kenya and I am excited. I head the prayer ministry in our church here in Narobi. We have a membership on like 2000 and yet people are not passionate in prayer.

    I want to be used of the Lord and therefore need to grow spiritually for our battle is spiritual.

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  12. This mwssage really touched me. Indeed i praise God which is the most important thing in my life. Ever since i heard this same sermon from the mouth of bishop Oyedepo, i’ve never in my life complained about anything even if i don’t have any money on me. God is gracious and worthy to be praised. Thank you pastor. You are indeed a true man of God. May God bless you and enrich your ministry, in Jesus Name, Amen!

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  13. I love you sir and thanks for blessing me with this message. It really touched me. May the good Lord continue to increase His anointing upon you. Amen.

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  30. I am touched with the message. Was helping a friend in prayer and asked God, how would we and give thanks and praise you when challenges are facing us East, West, North and south. As i came back to my desk, something told me to google Pastor Adeboye,this is actually my first time and i saw the sermon on praise and thanksgiving.
    It is true in every situation we should thank God. Things may be tough but we are not living in grave yards, we have a roof over our head, we breathe, we have life.

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    be blessed and may the good Lord increase you as you are a blessing.

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  36. Hi,pastor thanks for the work you are doing for the kingdom.Am pastoring small growing church in the midst of muslem three times our church structure was broken by muslem on the claim that its aganist their faith to have a christian church amidst them, on this note that i requesting you to partner with us and support the lords work.

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  38. Hum! exacly what i needed as of now, May the Lord you serve and worship continue to increase you as you touch people live for His Glory, in Jesus Name.

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  52. Dats papa adeboye! I bless the rock of ages for such an encounter wit the thanksgiving message!

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  54. Daddy, God bless for reminding all that it is only the living that can praisee God. Thanks and God bless you Sir.

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