Bishop T.D. Jakes deliverance prayers

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bLord I’m living in a house of bondage. And I feel trapped. The place in me that should be holy is haunted. I go from room within myself_ from the den of depression and wrong decisions to the hallway of unhealed heartache. I feast at the table of frustrated ambition. I drag my wounded ego to bed each night and cover up with affliction. I wake up every morning to greet infirmity again_ fear, anger, and bitter remorse.

 Jesus, come quick! I can’t live in this house anymore! Tear down all my wailing walls. Demolish my pride and my lust. Break the chains of resentment and rejection. Send the Holy Ghost in power, spirit of Liberty, spirit of life, I cry for you! Spirit of freedom, spirit of victory, fight for me! I am free in Jesus’ name. I declare the Lord’s release to every part of me __suffering spirit, beat-down body, messed –up mind.

The blood of Jesus has broken every bond. Holy spirit, come and live in me. Be mighty in me, and let the sweet song of deliverance fill every room.  

Source T.D. Jakes






                                                Exodus 20:1-4

In our modern times, we think idols and their offerings are obsolete, but that is not true! Today, the idols have taken on a disguise. Let’s disrobe them and expose their danger. Idols are the things you worship, the things to which you yield your strength. They are false gods.


I know that most of us have no physical shrines in our homes, but don’t you realize you can worship things by paying them too much attention? You can worship them by dedicating your life to impressing them or by allowing their opinion to determine your self-worth or esteem. Those things are idols in your life.


You have shed tears over them. You have birthed blessings that you have not enjoyed because you did right things for a wrong reason. In Genesis 29:31-35, you ‘ll see that Lead did that. She was trying to win Jacob with her success instead of thanking God that he had given her an area of success to balance the many failures. Leah missed out on a real experience with God because her strength was sapped away through idolatry.


 Finally, after a series of births, Leah has reached a degree of maturity, though she will struggle in this area again. Winning Jacob’s love will always be an area of vulnerability for her. She has refocused her attention on the Giver of life and the Healer of hearts.


After this she births Judah. She has been resurrected, and she testifies in Genesis 29:35, “Now I will praise the LORD.” Judah means “praise”. You cannot praise and honor GOD for what He has given you until you have been weaned from the idols you have lived for in the past!


            Now,   can we confront the Jacob in your life? Is there an idol, the thing in your life that has stolen your missed the sweet taste of God’s favor because you took the success that He gave you and paraded them before others whose minds you wanted to change? Is there an area or issue that you have followed to become an idol? It may be an ex-husband. It may be a childhood rivalry. It could be the result of burning, painful words that scaled your heart and left you blistered inside!


            This may be an area that GOD needs to heal in your life. I join you in faith and prayer, and I break the spirit of idolatry over your life. You will live for the lord and no one else! I agree with you in prayer that God ion His mercy would restore unto you the joy of over salvation. Lord, restore to your daughter the joy of having you, the joy of being at peace within. I rebuke that spirit that drives and torment her- stealing precious moments from her. In Jesus’ name, woman, be loosed!


Source T.D. Jakes


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    i love this


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