Bishop T.D JAKES sermons on healing

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Psalm 127:4

I write to every-eyes child with tears and trembling lips who has ever sat in my office struggling to mention the unmentionable. I write to the quavering voice of every midnight caller who has spoken into the telephone a secret they could not keep and would not tell. I write to every husband who holds his wife at night – a child lost in space, a rosebud crushed before he met her, a broken arrow shaking in the quiver. I write to every lady who hides behind silk dresses and leather purses a terrible shame that makeup can’t cover and showers will not wash away.


            Some call them abused children. Some call them victims. Some call them statistics. But I call them “Broken arrows”. These splintered, broken arrows come in all colors and form. Black and white, rich and poor. Often camouflaged behind the walls of other wise successful lives people wrestle with secret pain. You may be one of them. You may not bear any outward sign of trauma, but your tragedy may been serve enough to have destroyed your life if God had not held you together.

            Or you may have escaped such horrifying experiences. Let the strong bear the infirmities of the weak. God can greatly use you to restore wholeness to other who walk in varying degrees of brokenness.


            Every time you see some insecure, vulnerable, intimidate adult with unnatural fear in her eyes, low self-esteem, or an apologetic posture, you may be seeing a broken arrow. Every time you see a bra-less woman, choosing to act lie a man rather than marry one; every tine you see handsome young man who could have been someone father, walking like someone’s mother, you may be seeing a broken arrow. If you think he is ugly, you’re right. If you think it’s wrong, you’re writing again. If you think it can’t be fixed, you’re dead wrong! If you look closely into these eyes, you will sense something that is, hurt, maimed, or disturbed – but fixable.


            To every husband who wants to see his wife healed, to every mother who has a little girl with a woman’s problem, I say: The power to heal is in the power to care. Compassion is the mother of miracles.


            If you yourself are a broken arrow, I say: allow some one to into your life who can fix what’s wrong. The walls you have built to protect yourself have also imprisoned you. Our compassionate Lord wants to loose you from the imprisoned you. Our compassionate Lord wants to loose you from the dungeon of fear. He cares. Rise and be healed in the name of Jesus.


Source: T.D.Jakes

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