Power of Night vigils prayers

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By Pastor E. Adeboye

Memorise: “And at midnight Paul and Silas prayed, and sang praises unto God: and the prisoners heard them” (Acts 16:25)
Read: Acts 12:5-10

For the king of Syria to arrest Elisha in 2 Kings 6:13-14, he came in the night. For the kingdom of darkness, night time is conference time. It is when the enemies meet to deliver their reports, re-strategize and take decisions concerning the fate of many-including Christians. It is also when they renew covenants, curses and sacrifices. It is the time they supervise the burdens, punishment and yokes already placed on their victims.

But more importantly, it is the time they alter the destiny of many. Every night activity of the satanic kingdom against you this season will come to nothing in Jesus’ name. Believers must be active participants in the spiritual realm. Praying for one hour at night has great effects on the operations of the dark kingdom, much more all night prayer. Reduce your sleep! As they meet to determine your fate, you go on your kneel and determine theirs, scatter their meeting and strip them powerless.

Similarly, we learn that a lot can happen in one night. In Judges 16:2-3, it was at night that the gates of Gaza shut against Samson, were uprooted and dumped at the mountain top. Every gate of blessing the enemies have shut against you can easily be opened through effective night prayers.

Also, taking a cue from Paul and Silas in prison, night time is when to effectively use the weapon of praise to break every yoke in your life, and set other captives free (Acts 16:25-26). In addition, going by Peter’s experience in Acts 12:5-10, midnight prayers easily attract angelic presence and intervention in preventing the unwanted. As you rise to pray from tonight, you shall experience angelic visitations and every undesirable situation in your life will be terminated.

Never underestimate the power of a vigil. In 2 Kings 19:35-37, the chief oppressor of nations- king Senacherib lost an army of 185,000 in one night to an angel. If you can rise up and pray and worship God at night, you can destroy all your enemies in one night. In other words, night time is a period of stressless and total victory.

It is also the time to tame wild lions and beasts taking a look at Daniel’s case. In one night, he saw wild hungry lions turn to domesticated and satisfied lambs. As you arise and pray from tonight, God will tame all lions and oppressors sent after you. All your enemies will perish, you will receive divine visitation and you will stay on top.

What the enemies do in their covens you can do much more at the Throne of Grace at night. Declare a period of continuous vigils of at least 2 hours from 12 midnight -2am. For 1,2,3 or 4 weeks. Evaluate your gains afterwards


62 thoughts on “Power of Night vigils prayers”

  1. pray for healing and deliverance for julia,and her children,and holyspirit prompting to get up and do night prayers.

  2. My answer is-
    If you were to get a tip- off that robbers have planned to wreck your place at 12 midnight, but you then decide to call your highly trained robbery squard at 4am, will it help you?

  3. I have been experiencing some night mares during my sleep at night. I pray most of the nights from 23H30 to around 00H00 and sometimes 00H30. Does this mean i dnt pray properly or my prayer does not reach GOD.

    Please give me some tips on effective midnight prayes. What must in include most in my prayer.

  4. So now I know why God has sent me insomnia!

    The best way to pray is by total silence. If anything disturbs this silence, say “Jesus I place all my trust in you”, or any of the Holy words from Scripture.

    God love you.

  5. the best way to pray is to pray the word of GOD over the enemies head about your situation during this time especially in the name of jesus and pleading the blood of jesus, angels harken unto the word of GOD. angels fight with the WORD….GOD says it is our sword

  6. approach the throne of grace confidently and boldly thru the blood of Jesus…this is scriptual..folks…you must talk to the Father with his written WORD….it is the only thing that does not return void and will not pass away….that is what the WORD tells us. You must enter in by the blood….unrightoeusness cannot stand before a HOLY GOD. Once you cover with the blood of Jesus, confess…confess…confess your sins and receive forgiveness…then let satan know that you know that you are seated in heavenly places far above principality, power, rulers of darkeness and dominion….and begin to put your angels to work harkening them to the written WORD of GOD over your situations. There are scriptures for every need, torment, healing, finances, etc. I encourage you to research and find out afresh what the blood of Jesus has made available to you. You are more than a conqueror….and yes…attack at night…when the enemy plans to attack you….see the parable about the tares amoung the wheat….the enemy did that at night while they slept….
    I plead the BLOOD of Jesus against any demonic activity set up against you…….use the blood that speaks better things than Abels….

  7. Please pray for me that God can show me the signs through my dreams I’ve been praying the midnight prayers for a financial breakthrough and I truly believe that God heard my prayers the only thing that is left is for me to act but I do not know how .Please help me to have solid faith that no matter what cicumstances I must remain faithfull to God for the rest of my life.

  8. Pls pray for me that God should help me find the bone of my bone and the flesh of my flesh, protection over my family also for financial breakthrough in my business and whatever i laid my hands upon.

  9. God should give me more anoiting and i pray that i should know him more than this in every areas of my life. Also God should grant me spirit of patience and also give me a leadership skills.

  10. I wanted to leave a comment for all of those who havent experienced night time praying. You go into spiritual warfare when you pray from 12:am -4:00am so it doesnt matter if the Lord wakes you up in the middle of the night at 3:00am it means pray. Praying at these hours helps to stop or even minimize the devils attack for the next day sometimes for the future.
    If you also speak in tongues this makes satan more angry because he cannot understand the language of the angelic hosts which is what speaking in tongues is. It is direct communication with heaven without interruption. I have been praying at night for the past 3 years and have seen VIctory after Victory each and every time. The author is correct midnight is when witch doctors and people involved in black,white magic perform their chants and murmurs against others.
    Sacrifices are made at this time and covenants with the devil. People have been using witchcraft against me for the past 4 years and through midnight prayer I have broken every spell, and curse word thta has come up against my family in the name of jesus. The lord recently requested that I prayed from 1am to 4am and I did. the Lord told me that the longer you prayed during those hours on certain nights when he tells you to you are breaking,casting and loosing even iniquities from your ancestors. I have seen my enemies flee and look at me funny because they cant seem to figure out why I’m still alive why Im still married, still working, and good things are happening for me. Some of them even think Im attacking them through the same channels because they are ignorant and do not believe that NO Witchcraft Or Warlock even a dozen that would come up against a child of God is more powerful than GOD .
    An African man who was into witchcraft but got saved was telling a group of people how he used to throw demon possessed money at midnight on the ground. He had made a covenant with the devil for wealth and everyday received $1,200 he had to spend it every day BEFORE MIDNIGHT. One day he ran out of time so at 11:00 pm he started throwing money all over the streets and people were being sacrificed as soon as they picked up this demon money(do not pick up money you find on the ground), It was midnight and he still had money in his pocket the demon came to get him but he called on the name of Christ and was delivered. Things shift from good to evil at Midnight its the devils playground. Thats why mostly all bad things happen at night robberies, rapes, murders, drunks, etc,,,,,

  11. Please help me pray at the midnight, spiritually the enemy has been fighting everything in my life for the past couple years. the latest fight is my marriage and my job, My boss is continually trying to get me fired and no one believes that she is telling lies on me, I have not received the promotion and pay raise that I have been due for due to her lies, and I have a lot of bills to take care of, the company has given me one year and after that they would reconsider my employment. she is relentless and out to get me.I really need a breakthrough with the treatment at this job both financial and for God to vindicate me and expose the lies of my boss publicly, so that she does not continue to tarnish my image and that I can continue in my job and be able to take care of my family and my bills…PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME PRAY

  12. Help all my brothers and systers wherever they are open their social and financial ways and protect them at their work plases especially Mary ojuro give her strength and hope,protect me and my family,heal our alway sickly mother and your name shall be glorified all this i live on jesus hands amen.

  13. Please pray for me. I want financial break through and I want the hands of evil against mylife, my business, my family, my home be rendered powerless. I pray for everything I lay my hands to yield to success and I shall never lack. I ask Jehovah Nissi to intervene in my life, in my everything

  14. please pray for me for financial break through and for jehova to heal me for all the stress am passing through now to see me through in jesus name bcous i no is the only one that can heal my pain,my name is uyi-igbinoba am from benin based in italy

  15. hi, I want to know more about your website… Pls.pray for me..i am in my darkest moment now..my husband just died few months ago and right now I am having a problem with my work…Im so confused.. I want to join a church where i can have peace and feel the love of each memebers..

  16. Praise God, my name is Susan, please pray for me, i badly need financial breakthrough, the devil has realy tied my hands financially. In November, 2011, i had a dream where someone was showing me how my money was all burnt up and were being blown away by wind!. I’m also beleiving God for a more parmanent and profitable job. Last year the devil blocked all my job opportunities, whenever i could go for an interview, i would either become so stuppid that i woud fail to answer the simplest questions, or the panel team would not just like my appearance. I latter discovered during a deliverance prayer session that i had demons escoting my whenever i would go for job interview. Please stand with me in prayer for total deliverance from all kinds of demons. I’m also beleiving God for salvation for my brothers and sisters.

  17. Please pray for us as a church for God to provide a land for us to build our church. In the past, we built a church a structure where we now, but it was demolished during elrufai on the reason that the plot was alocated to somebody, but since 2009, no body came to claim the place and we just pitch a bacha there. We need the place so please pray for us to acquire the place and pray for us to be able to get funds to pay for the land and also build. My Church name is: Evangelical Reformed Church of Christ, Jikwoyi, Abuja, phase 1. Thanks.

  18. ive been waking up to pray at midnite and i believe in spiritual warfare at these hours but my pastor says, why are u limiting God. God is present morning,day and nite and fights the battle for us every minute. Pastor says, we should rest/sleep at nite. im confused now.

  19. I totally admit and blive in midnight prayers. It has helped me. It is an excelent time 4 easy praying n answers.

  20. I know that Jesus is my redeemer and that am victorious in Him. I want to actively and effectively be part of a midnight prayer crew. To nullify and strip the devil worshippers alleged power. Christians let’s take a stand and pray. Thank you.

  21. Thank all of you for the much needed reminder. I too am under serious attack, to include attacks from those who are involved in witchcraft. With so much time spent defending the disruptions the devil throws out during the day, I had forgotten how important the night watch is. This is why somethings have stayed around longer then they have. Even, God was waking me up before things got to this point. Before I would pray and read usually until sunbreak. But, during this time, I can’t just say what prevented me from doing what I know to do. Ooops, the reason just came to my mind…I was angry. I allowed myself to get into anger. Great I Am please forgive me. Reading all of your comments have helped me see much clearer. Thanks again and God’s continued protection, strength and blessings to all of you…we have the victory already in Jesus name (amen).

  22. Pray healing my left ovary has dermoidcyst 2cm.pray my mother n law sufer toothache,pray my busines as AVON PH.dealer.to pay my debt,peace of mine,harmony,love.

  23. i pray that we get a family break through financially especially my dear elder brother William, that every thing he touches should be blessed, healing upon my diabetic mother kevin and i also ask God to show me the right husband that i may live as a testimony in the eyes of those enemies who think it will never happen in our family.

  24. I’v learn a lot and from now on I’ll start to pray every midnight. Let the almighty God richely bless you

  25. Please pray for the problem now I am having:
    I am student doing practical studies in an office. My sir told me NOT TO continue in his office coz
    1) of my time constraints
    2) can’t sent me for out-station
    3) i’m a Female
    4) i have Family to look after
    Jesus show me the solution to this problem. Solve this problem. I have no one. I don’t have any people to recommend. I have you only in my side. Please pray for my problem. Thankyou Jesus. Thankyou mother. St. mary pray for me. I believe you showed me this path when I read the bible. I was awarded for the best female motivator in my institute & now see mother, my life… I pray please show me the light. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

  26. i believe GOD almighty is working through us each and everyday we must just reach out to him and receive salvation he is waiting run to him ,night vigils are the most perfect and perfect appoinment to meet the holy spirit ,when satan is busy the holy spirit is awake and he is aware ,charge yourself like a warrior and fight in the spiritual releam,i belive that GOD IS going to restore mylife because satan is a thief and he will return what he stole from me a 100 fould in JESUS NAME !stay blessed and keep praying with faith

  27. My eyes are OPENED WIDE.
    The night is really a time of door opening and chains breaking.
    This is the period Christians must STAND, FIGHT AND WIN…but laziness + glut+ snoring = Defeated, Weak, compromising and unholy Christian life, coupled with failures and poor-verty is the outcome now.
    Arise O Christians….Isa.60:1-3, Heb.12:14.

  28. kindly pray for our daughter, she was in Australia,studied and worked there, she met a wrong lawyer he took all money from her for the PR, but the lawyer didnot submit the required documents to the authorities, so she didnot get her pr. she is very depressed, now trying to got to Canada, kindly pray for her.

  29. I pray for my parents and I pray for me and my brother to pass our School Starr text, I have done a lot of bad things, lord please forgive me for all the inappropriate things I did and please help me to be good and to behave good.

    Lord please help me to be a good boy again, lord everytime when I do something I used to have some devilish thoughts like some bad thought and it won’t go of my mind lord please help me to get rid of it. Lord please help me to be good and not to look at all the inappropriate thing and not to watch inappropriate things Iam really really sorry lord. Lord please forgive me and please give me your blessing and shower upon my families. Lord please help me not to do any bad thing and not see anything lord. For this I pray amen.

  30. please pray for me for a life partner (husband), employment breakthroughs, financial open doors, my mother’s healing, USA visa and a brand new Toyota corolla or Camry in Jesus name, Amen

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