Disobedience to God and its evil effects- Pastor Enoch Adeboye,RCCG

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Memorise: “Fools, because of their transgression, and because of their iniquities, are afflicted” (Psalm 107:17)

Read: Psalm 107:10-14

Pastoe E.A. AdeboyePastor E. Adeboye 

To rebel is to go in opposite direction of what was commanded. It also means using one’s power of influence in a negative direction. A rebel is someone who has drawn the battle line between him and the one under whose government he has been. Satan revolted against God’s government so that he can become his own boss. He wanted to be like the Most High yet he resisted being under His authority.

How can you be like God if you have nothing to do with Him? Today, Satan is his own boss yet a newly born again believer is more powerful than he. He wanted to be higher than the exalted position he occupied in Heaven but today believers are seated together with Christ in heavenly places, while Satan is under their feet! Disappointed, he later realized that it is better to be a servant in God’s Kingdom than to be lord in your own kingdom. But it was too late!

It is dangerous to work in opposition to God. One of the consequences of rebellion is that it locates the rebel in darkness. Every believer dwells in the light of Jesus Christ. But the moment you team up with people to rebel against the authority of the church, your pastor or leader, you move from light to darkness. No wonder such a rebel finds it almost impossible to receive divine guidance in crucial decisions.

According to today’s reading, rebellion also makes the rebel a candidate of death. If you rebel against God or His bonafide servant, that fellow could be the ransom that would be destroyed when the life of the righteous is targeted. In addition, rebellion ties the rebel with iron chains under serious affliction. If you feel tied to the same spot and have prayed and fasted for long without respite, examine yourself.

 It could be that Heaven identifies you as a rebel. Retrace your steps and make your ways right with God and His servants. Some pastors, Christian leaders and families are finding it difficult to break the chains of several years of barrenness, just because they are always leading others to rebel against authorities. Some are deceived into believing that it is when they become rebels that they would be notable or outstanding.

Sorry, they will become outstanding in afflictions and bondages! Rebellion also causes the helpers of rebels to turn their backs on them. Rebellion leads to a fall. Every rebel has fallen from where God placed them. In what ways are you rebelling against God or His servant today? Go and settle such issues now.


What makes you outstanding on earth also makes you outstanding in Heaven or hell, depending on whether good or bad. If rebellion makes you outstanding on earth, you will be noted in the lake of fire!

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