How to fast and pray effectively


1.                  In Mathew 6:16… “Wash your face, the word of God is a water that can wash our spiritual face and open our spiritual eyes”;. Eph.5:26  Jn. 3:5, 15:3, 4:13-14, 7:37-39. Whatsoever fasting, we must eat and study His word. It cleaners us from all filthiness of the spirit Ezek. 36:25, 11Cor. 7:12, Eph. 5:26,Jer. 33:8. As a member of GGM, we must fast and pray to move God, so that the Gentiles will be saved 11Cor. 4:3-4, 10:3-6, Eph 4:17-19.


2.                  Mathew 6:16 a……. among thyself Eccl. 9:9 the place of fasting and prayer is the place of anointing  released Moses face shone with God’s glory Deut. 9:19, 25, 11Cor. 3, How much more the latter glory in Christ which can’t fade away Haggai 2:5-8, Col.1:27, 11Cor. 3:6-18, 16-18. Holy Spirit transforms our lives as we fast and pray with the mirror of God’s word and open our eyes by His spirit anointing flows. Every fasting of God’s word birth the true flowing of His anointing Acts 13. this is new Testament fasting and prayer.



Gospel to Gentiles Ministriy, Abuja, Nigeria

8 thoughts on “How to fast and pray effectively”

  1. Thank a lot to you sir i am on fast for the year but you have given me more insight during the fast thanks a lot


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